I've been vegetarian for the past 4 years and just 10 days ago I stop eating CHEESE, the only dairy product that I was eating, and now, I don't know why, I feel happier and more energize, I'm not sure if that is the reason...Can cheese influence that much on you?? 

Did you feel anything when you turn vegan??

Thanks guys!!!

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chocolate, cheese, and meat--physically addictive.

cheese is addictive ;) I stopped dairy too recently and went vegan with cheese being my real only 'dairy.' Please watch the video if you had time I enjoyed it :) Any other references I'd be happy to send your way if interested more in those types of things.

Oh, and also, after going vegetarian I noticed I was more peppier than usual and just happy and content. I guess it has to do with getting that bad energy such as meat and murder out of your body :p (not to be blunt about it) plus it promotes more consumption of fruit and veggies, fruit makes you feel tremendously after you eat it! I look forward to see any other changes I'll find with a complete vegan diet now.

well cheese and all milk products are addictive... literally... and not really very good for you.... if you do miss it though I suggest to everyone to try Teese. It tastes very real but it's soy =)

Cheese is a major downer to alot of people who want to go vegan but not give up the cheese. DAIYA cheese is vegan and taste I think better then cheese.......anytime u give up something you know deep in soul is not good for you, I think u do feel better physically, mentally & spiritually

Hi Rebekka,

i totally agree with you. I can't stop eating cheese. At the moment I'll ordered a lot of alternative cheese products and will try them. But if I don't find a very good alternative product for cheese I'm sure I can't stop it. I love cheese too much.

To omit cheese from my diet was difficult at first. It took me approx. 30 days to get over the craving of cheese. Now I don't miss it at all and feel sooooo much better.

"Oh She Glows" has the BEST vegan Mac and Cheese recipe.

For the ones that say they cannot give up cheese ... what helped me was to learn more about cheese. What is it made out of, where is it coming from, what is it doing to my body. After that it was no "giving up" it was "I don't want it anymore"   :-) 

"Did I feel anything when I turned vegan?" Yes, I feel healthier, more at peace, happier, glowier :-) Only regret I have is that I did not do this sooner.

Yes PLEASE to NO CHEESE!  Good for you!  Best kept secret to cleaner eating is MINUS THE CHEESE.  I can not quote you the resource, but I read a recent article that states many cheeses actually have morphine in it!  Way to "kick the habit"

I have been vegan almost 5 years, occasionally falling of the wagon on special occasions ect.  But I have more energy, better digestion, and clearer skin because of it.

Great substitutes if you are looking besides hummus's are apple sauce, bean dips, salsa's, toffuti and brucetta. Tomato or my favorite olive spreads.  They even make walnut spreads that are a bit exotic but rich like some cheese. Enjoy the process of finding new and better foods in the world of plants and honey.  People think I am limiting my food intake, but with each food I delete, there are ten times more things that I eat!

This is gross, but when I stopped eating dairy. It was all about not having mucas in my throat any more, I think that's why kids are so snotty as they drink so much cow milk.

I heard that cheese is like a drug... So addictive... I keep trying to stop eating cheese ... I dying to find a good soy vegan alternative for vegan pizzas etc... But there isn't a lot of variety in Australia... Tofutti is gross and too stringy

congrats on 10 days, that's awesome that you feel better already! amazing isn't it :) i definitely felt better after i went vegan after being a vegetarian for 12 years. i was never a huge cheese eater but i had dairy every day (milk in my coffee and yogurt in the mornings). i don't feel bloated anymore after meals and i feel like i have more energy overall. mind you, i'm also eating more greens and fruits so that probably has alot to do with it as well. but i did notice that after only a couple of weeks of not eating dairy, i 'slipped' if you will and had a baked potato with broccoli and cheese and my stomach was a mess immediately after eating it...! : /

on a side note, i think if you're vegetarian for 'ethical' reasons then the next logical transition is to veganism. for me, what made me make the jump was watching two docs: "Forks over Knives" and "Peaceable Kingdom". forks over knives focuses mostly on the health aspect (ie. dairy & meat is SO BAD for our health) and peaceable kingdom was more focused on the animal suffering but without being completely unbearable to watch). personally i feel that as long as there is an alternative to what i'm used to eating (now i use almond milk in my coffee and have oatmeal for breakfast) then it's a no-brainer.... just like when i was a vegetarian, i didn't want to contribute to the suffering of animals. and unfortunately it took me a long time to figure out just how horrendous the dairy industry is.... : (

I stopped getting the pain I had gotten in the left side of my chest for years when I went vegan. I also noticed more energy and just feeling much better, yes. It could also be a weight off the shoulders as well once we are finally able to let it go and live healthier for all, could explain the feeling happier :)

Congrats :)! Cheese is a huge hurdle for a lot of people, good job! It sure can, food interacts with your brain the same way drugs do, especially processed foods like cheese. I definitely felt so much better after turning vegan. Even feeling "full" is a completely different feeling, it comes out especially when I exercise. I feel revitalized at the end, not worn out and crappy.


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