Hi there,I am on the course of becoming vegan. My boyfriend tried and gave-up so when he cooks chicken or bacon my 3 year old daughter will eat it to. I don't want to force her to become vegetarian and I also don't want to traumatize her with the truth. I have told her that bacon is pig and beef is cow and so on and when she asks me why I don't have chicken on my plate I tell her its because I'm a vegetarian, meat is animal and I don't like to eat animal. her response is "its really yummy you should try it." Personally I don't think she is at an age where she truly understands what meat is and I have no problems buying her a hot dog at the fair but I will get a salad.

How do other parents teach there children about the truth while still allowing her to make her own choice?

Is it an age or development or maturity thing? Should I continue answering her questions the way I am (with the truth)? If I know kids at all they learn more threw observation then they do threw words but I don't think she is by any means ready to see a photograph of a poultry factory. PLUS she absolutely LOVES and adores all animals.  

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I think she looks like her father.. :P ok In my opinion try to be polite.. with your daughter and more.. strict with your boyfriend! Do you have a healthy conversation with your friend in this dietary habit? If yes, expressed your unrest.. I don' t want to disappoint you but you must be together in this.. It is hard for her when one of you have opposing view!

With children you go about things in a different way then adults of course.It's about taking a loving prospective with them and teaching them.And,I can understand totally you do not want to traumatize them, with the horrors of the meat industry that will scar their minds.It's by positive reinforcements and a loving hand we teach children about Vegetarianism/Veganism

Children are naturally born animal lovers.I do not have children.But,it is the parent that teaches their child it's wrong to hurt animals.They stop them from throwing stones into the pond in case they hurt the ducks, tell them to be very gentle when patting a dog,tell them not to pull the cat’s tail.Parents tell them that they don’t like it if someone hits them because it hurts,so too the dog doesn’t like being hit because it hurts.Children understand this message-- it makes sense to them

Here's a very interesting article you might fine interesting.

Explaining Veganism to Children

Plus,a facebook page;Raising Veg Kids

Raising Veg Kids

Your daughter's diet is quite like a battleground. Two grownups, creatures of influence and persuasion, are watching over her as she ponders her plate. I hope she has a good grasp of both sides. Then, in due time, of her own volition, the choice will hers to make. 

Thanks so much for all your advice. Your completely right Athanasios my boyfriend and I need to be on the same page, and I wish we were. I've made him watch the lectures and I've made him read the articles and he is an extremely compassionate man and my heart goes out to him for trying he almost made it a year... He works for community living supporting people with disabilities and he has no choice but to cook them meat for diner and I believe that to be the reason why he gave up. Cooking whats on the menu for the people he supports hes allowed to make himself a plate and it just makes his job easier because its not like the group homes support vegetarianism and have protein alternatives for their employees.... Anyways, I will continue being a healthy vegan role model for my daughter. And like Noy stated hopefully she will grasp a good understanding of both sides and choose to follow her mommies footsteps ultimately the choice is hers. And Thanks Jenii for sharing those articles =]

I would like to preface this post by saying that my first son was born just under 6 weeks ago, so I'm a new parent who is still inexperienced. His mother is also a life-long vegetarian so I do not have to deal with the same situation as you.

That said, I would not support my son eating meat anymore than I would support him abusing women or children. To me, not consuming animal products (especially without need) is a moral imperative, and anything less (I believe) is irresponsible. I would also have no qualms showing my son footage of animal agriculture anymore than I would industrial plant agriculture, clearcutting of forests, hunting and fishing, mining operations, or urban development. I don't believe that hidding things from children is a good idea, and would choose to fully disclose topics with advice instead. However, I wouldn't just show him without a reason for doing so.

Of course, you are in a different position than me and must follow your own path as it relates to your situation. This is merely my opinion on the subject.

I am not a parent, but I have my plan. I will make sure I do not buy any meat. Whether my husband buys it or not for my children, I don't care, but I certainly won't put my money towards it. I will certainly give them the full arguments on both sides to make sure they make the correct choice - by that I mean they will choose

I have this going on myself kind of.  I am vegetarian - eventually want to be vegan (working towards it slowly to succeed - failed at cold turkey).  My husband is a meat eater.  Our two children are vegetarian with me 29mos and 13mos.  So they're too young yet to ask for it.  However, sometimes they do want what is on other peoples' plates when we go out but they respect me enough (mostly) to not even offer.  I try to sit by them all the time when we are out but that doesn't always happen when my son wants a lap, or so forth.

I figure when they are old enough I will explain why I am vegetarian and go from there.  I agree - I do not want to traumatize them.

I feel that my fiance is coming around - he eat vegetarian at home 100% and if its just us out to a restaurant 95% of the time.  Its when he goes to work or we go out with a group that he eats meat.  So thankfully the kids only get exposed to it outside our home or us.

I will come to face this same issue when they start wanting things we have decided not to give them - for the greater good all around.  Hopefully I will have the knowledge to educate them well enough so they want to continue.


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