I'll spend Christmas at the home of my family and they are not vegetarians(they are far from being vegan) then I probably eat rice and something else. And you guys?

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We celebrated early, I had tofurkey. It was a last minute dinner so I had no time to concoct anything, but actually it was pretty tasty. Next time I'll do from scratch something again, but in a pinch it's great. Wanted to try it also because it seems so cliche, haha. 

at least some Christmas cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom's side is very big and I'll be likely having a lot of side dishes (I don't mind) but they also asked me to make a vegetarian main dish (mostly for me since I'm the only vegetarian in the family). My family is pretty respectful of my diet and as long as it's tasty they like it too. I'm making a large dish of quinoa with cranberries, mushrooms, onions, pine nuts, raisins and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Normally I stuff this into an acorn squash after cooking it in the oven but it's for everyone to munch on. Even better it's vegan and it's super tasty, like sweet and spicy!

I still think that's so great- I know I commented on your other post but this just gets me. A family who includes you in the dinner, instead of leaving you to awkwardly make your own plans regarding the dinner- bless your family, that's so awesome.

I agree! It's nice to be around a bunch of non-veggies who don't seem to mind!

That's true, a non hostile environment. Feel like so many meat-eaters get their panties in a twist if they find out you're vegan or vegetarian, and are unsupportive. Your family must be really close :)!

Damn Julieanne that sounds amazing! I'm probably gonna incorporate that into my cooking for Yule. I've been using quinoa for a while but the most I add to it is chia and caramelized onions. Prolly make some quinoa and cous cous to go together since I can't get any hemp seed down here.

the time came to stop thinking that christmas is about eating. eat for my body to survive, love for my spirit to survive. like every day. 

No holiday dinner for you then? That's fine too :)

I usually make Chana Massala to eat with garlic naan for the holidays. Yummm.

I´ll have spaghetti with pesto and soja & tofu-something.

I'm having vegan spaghetti right now, with meatless balls :3 Nom nom! Just wanted to.. impose on your comment to share that LOL.


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