Hi..I'm a newbie to this site...hope I have posted this comment in the right spot?:-/

I am keen to start using coconut water & oil on a regular basis. Can anyone recommend a good coconut water brand and where to purchase in Adelaide? Cheers :)

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don't know about coconut water, but an indian company called "parachute" sells coconut oil.  It is the most popular and is usually found in Indian grocery stores or at least some health food stores.

I have never really seen coconut water.  Well in a can, sometimes I have seen coconut juice.  Well same thing I guess, but it might have sugar added so not pure.  Usually it is imported from Thailand.

thanks fruitfly...coconut water is all the talke at the moment...I am after the purest form, no sugar of course :) will check out my local indian grocer for the coconut oil, cheers :)


does that mean you are fasting?

no, not fasting...i do hot yoga and would like to drink coconut water during, after my practice as its packed full of good stuff...apparently...like to see how I feel using it.

Oh ya, good.  I misread, "all the talke" as "all that I take."  Sorry I misread a lot :)

Hmmm, I am surprised that you can survive on just non-sugar drinks between your hot yoga sessions.  I have done Bikram yoga before and I always liked a nice yummy gatorade or some kind of juice at least after.  Electrolytes drinks after sweating have been programmed into my psyche since childhood.

apparently coconut water has more electrolytes than the gatorades and the like...I too like a jucie after hot joga so keen to see how the coconut water goes :)

oh I just read it again, and saw you are in Adelaide.  So I guess you will find plenty of Indian food stores there for coconut water!

or it looks like Russ has the answer down below.

I use O.N.E. coconut water for hydration after exercising. works well.

cheers :)

Welcome!  Not sure where Adelaide is?  I just bought a case of Vita Coco in juice box style @ Costco.  Bulk is usually cheaper.  Also, best organic coconut oil at the lowest price I found @ Trader Joe's.   I live on the stuff.  Even drink it as a water back with my Patron tequila on special occasions :)

I figure Adelaide is Austraila.  Unless there is a different Adelaide.  I know someone or another from there.

oh great, thanks Julie...Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, which is one of the 8 states in Australia. :)




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