Whatever bean chosen... coarse ground in a French Press... add beans/add water/let set for 10 minutes (longer than directed, more flavors... but find your perfect time!).

By far my favorite way to take coffee... can't do the plain ole drip filter anymore it just doesn't grasp the deep rich flavor... seems to add a certain "bite" even to the most robust beans!  The french press method leaves the beans in the water - each cup evolves, its a way to really taste the coffee for what it is... particularly when that little it of sediment gets through the filter - to me that tops things off.  No filters to deal with, easy to clean... I never add sugar/cream (dont deal with cream ever anyway) so as to truly appreciate the flavors at hand, but I'm sure a cup of french press coffee will serve as a fine base to build whatever you wish.

The french press is also ideal for loose leaf tea.  Oolong being my favorite... works great with bags just as well - steeps much better in the device than in the cup.

I found this wonderful device exploring cafe menu options and so glad I asked "what is a french press???" - perhaps this can serve as an introduction to someone else who may come to realize the joys of this simple machine... and perhaps someone with creative uses can chime in and expand my understanding just as well :)

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I am a little confused by this post. Maybe I am reading it wrong. I know French Press to be this glass cup with a strainer attached to a plunger. When we add hot water the grinds, then we let it sit and push down the plunger so the grinds don't come in the drink.

You mention here beans, so do you mean whole beans? Is there another style of french press that I am not aware of?

On another note, I am wondering how different french press is to what we call cowboy coffee? Cowboy coffee is made by boiling the grinds in water and straining it. Not different than French Press? I wonder?

Love me some French press coffee. 


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