Veganism / vegetarianism to me is about health first and animal welfare second only because I try to keep my emotions out of it and make an educated decision.  

I have my own chickens - they are great at eating bugs and are fun to watch.  They are all happy and well cared for.  Their eggs are a product of happy chickens that have a 100' x 100' yard to run in during the day and a closed 10' x 10' coop at night to stay warm, dry, and safe.  Their eggs are rich and nutritious and not from some factory farm so why shouldn't I eat them !!??

I used to have sheep and goats but sold them.  I couldn't stand to sell them to idiots that just wanted to eat them.  Even when killed quickly - death is death and it hurts ......

What are your opinions on eggs from my chickens !?


Dave S

Oklahoma, USA

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well, I think it's ok for you to consume their eggs if they are not fertilized. But someday after your chickens have gone away, do not try keep more chicken any more and you will not to consume them again.

For me, I will not consume their eggs because I am egg allergies, and beside I can't tolerate myself to consume or use any animals product. So I think i will give their eggs to my friends who consume it.

But of course you have your point of view.

Agreed, Xiao. Some people are so thick skulled they can't realize that eggs do not have to have ever been alive, especially people who may feel this justifies them in partaking of flesh *Cringes*. Another smart answer :)

I've recently switched to veganism (3 months ago or so) but I will eat eggs again when I have my own rescued chickens to care for and spoil =]. I think it's ok to eat unfertilized eggs, better than them rotting away,, but never from factory farmed chickens.

I appreciate those who do not cut out eggs to take things into their own hands to ensure there is no cruelty; the things chickens (as well as other animals go through) is particularly heinous. I don't miss eggs but would love to rescue some, some day, and give them a good home. As another poster said, if they're going to rot anyway and you are giving them love and a full, happy life, I can't complain against you.

Also eggs are unfertilized... so people who may make a comparison to eating meat is completely wrong and ignorant. Eggs were never alive.

I believe the more we depend on ourselves, the better off we are. I don't have a problem with people who choose to have pet hens as long as they have the means, time and knowledge to care for them properly. Under those circumstances only, collecting their unfertilized eggs would be okay with me also.

about the health aspect...I have heard some say that eggs are a good source of protein but I have also heard some vegans say that the cholesterol from eggs is a the surest way to a good heart attack.  I can't say I have researched it much, but I do keep hearing it.  I am vegetarian but don't eat eggs.

ethically, I can't see much wrong with eating eggs.  but one question that comes to mind, is that when the chickens are old, what will you do with them?  let them die naturally?  will you eat them at that point if they die in your possession, or would you sell them or let them rot?

on that question, I am in favor of someone eating the meat of chickens that die naturally...well at least for those who can eat meat.  I would never be able to stomach that after so many years of a no meat diet.  I suppose I would end up giving the meat to meat eaters or even selling them. (after they are dead)

I have heard that eggs are high in the good kind of cholesterol, not the bad one.

I doubt that.

Do you know why HDL is even called "good" cholesterol? It transports cholesterol AWAY from tissues and to the liver where it can be eliminated. So... "good" extra cholesterol serves the purpose of removing it from your body... that doesn't sound good to me.

Cholesterol is a sterol, a more chemically complex type of lipid (fat) than a triglyceride or a phospholipid. It is a non-essential nutrient, meaning that your body already makes it in the amounts your body needs, and thus you do not NEED an outside source. Your body again creates enough to do certain functions such as turn it into bile inside of the liver. The only reason you'd need HDL is if your levels of LDL are already too high, and as cholesterol is solely from animal protein, this shouldn't be a problem for vegetarians/vegans.

So unless you regularly eat meat, I wouldn't say adding HDL cholesterol would benefit you in any way.

Also eggs contain certain carotenoids which block the absorption of vitamins. We should ALWAYS remember that even if a product has loads of vitamins, if our bodies are not meant to digest something such as chicken periods, our bodies will not even absorb those vitamins in a reasonable amount.

I ate zero fat raw foods (only fruits and veggies) for 2 months and my LDL went WAY up. It was really unhealthy. Like triple digits I actually had to start eating foods with cholesterol to improve my cholesterol levels. can you explain that? 

Yes, what I researched: eggs give you cholesterol.

Your body naturally makes cholesterol and all cholesterol you receive from food like eggs is bad.

That is what I have come to find in my own research.

I am vegetarian wanting to be vegan - I have two kids (22mo and 6mo) who are vegetarian with me.  My son is super picky and is not gaining weight because he won't eat.  If I eliminate his food to vegan, he won't eat anything.  I do chose vegan products when I find ones we like: earth balance, smartsource hot dogs, boca (some of it is vegan), gardein, etc.

However, we do not drink milk or eat eggs plain.  I allow it in like salad dressings, bread, and such.  But we drink almond milk, and don't have eggs for breakfast.  Its my one step closer to vegan.

When they are old enough to start asking, "Why don't we eat meat, or drink milk?"  if we think they are ready, we want to share the videos with them and the knowledge.  If they want to go vegan to help further, great!  I'm all on board.  But I am just glad to raise them vegetarian for now.  I'm glad the father (who still eats meat) is on board with it.


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