Veganism / vegetarianism to me is about health first and animal welfare second only because I try to keep my emotions out of it and make an educated decision.  

I have my own chickens - they are great at eating bugs and are fun to watch.  They are all happy and well cared for.  Their eggs are a product of happy chickens that have a 100' x 100' yard to run in during the day and a closed 10' x 10' coop at night to stay warm, dry, and safe.  Their eggs are rich and nutritious and not from some factory farm so why shouldn't I eat them !!??

I used to have sheep and goats but sold them.  I couldn't stand to sell them to idiots that just wanted to eat them.  Even when killed quickly - death is death and it hurts ......

What are your opinions on eggs from my chickens !?


Dave S

Oklahoma, USA

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First of all my friend vegan is no eggs because in either way killing egg is simallar to kill an animal if some think that when thwy eat egg their wasnt a Life in eat its not true bcoz if their woulnd be life in it how could after certain time a life comes from it and according to health issue the protein you finding in egg you get more in vegies. Eggs are not vegitarian..thats all I want to say.

Hi Dave,

I am in the same situation.  I have four backyard hens who live a very pleasant and comfortable life and provide me with eggs that are much higher quality than the ones at the grocery store.  I have taken some flack from a few diehards who say that, because I bought them as day-old chicks, I supported the hatchery practice of discarding male chicks.  I guess in the future I should buy pullets from local farms or buy fertilized eggs from a local farm and have my broody hen sit on them.  That would take hatcheries out of the equation. 

I say continue to take excellent care of your hens and enjoy their eggs.  If you increase your flock or replace hens as they pass away, just be mindful about where they come from.


California, USA


You have a point there, I do agree with u in eating those eggs! I dont consume eggs, but if i had my own chickens i would! :)

The vital question is : once your hens don't give eggs anymore and you have to keep feeding them without any return, will you keep them and let them live their "menauposed" :-) old age with as much care coming from your side until they die of old age ?

Or will you kill them before to spare the grain money ?

I do understand veganism means no animal products, not even eggs. I am fine with people who rescue hens and offer them a safe home then eat the eggs because the eggs are here anyway. But for me it's very clear the hens should be kept and cared for even when they stopped giving eggs, not killed.

I would eat the eggs too. Being Vegan is not about judging others who make different decisions. Veganism is about compassion for animals and about being supportive of those who do their best to protect animals. I admire people who love and care about animals. Don't let bitter angry judgmental vegans get to you.

Agree with you Mario, in their will to defend animal cause, a lot of vegans become judgemental, unkind and aggressive. I hope I did not sound like this, my point was more about questioning and trying to see the bigger picture. Each and every little effort to care for and love animals should be encouraged rather than criticised because "it's not enough". With this kind of negative thoughts we only discourage rather than encourage. And we show little of the compassion and love so many of us swear by.

preach ;)

I am vegan and I wouldn't eat the eggs. It is not vegan to take something from an animal, no matter how well you care for them, irregardless of the fact that the eggs would just lay around anyway. Taking something from an animal is abusive no matter how you cut it. The animal is no longer a pet once you take something from them for your personal (or other's) consumption. If I ever wanted chickens, I wouldn't eat the eggs.

I eat my neighbors' fresh eggs quite regularly. My opinion is to eat them. They are going to waste anyway. Really, it's a lot like picking the fruit off the trees (fruits = tree ovaries) when they get ripe. Eggs are full of rich nutrients and healthy proteins and fats. In moderation, I don't see any problem with it. 


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