Okay, I know this question is quite duh but I'm facing this problem now. I have pain in my knees when I take the stairs. My parents told me to take cow's milk/goat's milk to replenish calcium. They even recommended me goat's milk chewies, saying that it is used among the leukaemia patients. They even said that animal's milk is the best cure for bone pain.

The thing is, I read some stuffs about milk online and I think milk from animals are not good. (Milk is meant for the young!) Besides, I find that the price of animal milk powder and plant milk powder are almost the same. How can I convince them for plants milk instead?

P/S: I'm not a vegan yet since plant-based milk products are difficult to come by in my place, and costly.

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What about other calcium rich foods like sesame (tahini), almonds, broccoli, dark leafy greens, etc

Thank you! Hmm... I'll try tahini perhaps... but I'm a little concerned about using tahini since we cannot use refrigerator!

Almonds, yea, I eat everyday. Probably I'll need to eat more almonds, hehe. I always scoop lots of dark leafy greens in the cafe if they are available. Yummy too!

Thank you very much! 

By the way, mum's told me she's not going to get goats' milk supplements. The nuns recommended plant-based milk. Ah, so relieved! :D

You dont necessarily need to refrigerate tahini as long as you are going through it at an OK pace and your place is t too warm.

I can finish up food quite fast, but my place is warm, unfortunately. (I'm from Malaysia...)

ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! ALMONDS! and in case I didnt say it yet ALMONDS. Yes they have a higher Calorie load but if you are vegetarian chances are your calorioc intake is low to begin with. I would also suggest Curly Kale (14%), Dandelion Greens (10%), Turnip Greens (10%), Arugula (6%), and Collards (5%). Hope that helps.. also if you do a google search many herbs are great for joint pain. God Bless and Peace always

AAARRRGGGHHH Almond is the only food that is convenient around since I'm prohibited from cooking in college! However, I'll consider eating those when I go home.

Thank you very much. :)

friend... you eat too much tofu and soy-based products, maybe that's why got this problem..

I think so too. Thanks for the advice. I'll cut down on such stuffs next time, fingers crossed, everything will be fine!

Add me to your FB list of friends, I've also sent you a message as well...

like people have said...tahini need not be refrigerated. it ought to stay good in hot weather as well I think. just keep it in a sealed container. I am sure it might be more lasting for long term in the fridge, but short term like some weeks it is probably fine.

I might have heard that goat's milk is good for calcium. It is also more digestible I heard. But I heard that milk from cows are not the best source of calcium. I heard it is not absorbable well in the body. but I heard that things like green chard and bell peppers are better sources of calcium and I think someone has posted some other sources in this thread that I didn't even know about.

good luck!!!

almond milk is the solution

Is is available in powder form, though? That'll be convenient! :D


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