Okay, I know this question is quite duh but I'm facing this problem now. I have pain in my knees when I take the stairs. My parents told me to take cow's milk/goat's milk to replenish calcium. They even recommended me goat's milk chewies, saying that it is used among the leukaemia patients. They even said that animal's milk is the best cure for bone pain.

The thing is, I read some stuffs about milk online and I think milk from animals are not good. (Milk is meant for the young!) Besides, I find that the price of animal milk powder and plant milk powder are almost the same. How can I convince them for plants milk instead?

P/S: I'm not a vegan yet since plant-based milk products are difficult to come by in my place, and costly.

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Try looking for it at the organic stores in Perak, Organic Goat Milk is available from BMS Organics or any other organic stores. But beware, the price for can is expensive, also possibly may be a bit contaminated by radioactive particles from Fukushima (just like any other milk products from USA, or Europe)..

The PRICE FACTOR again,,, >./p>

Thank you for the suggestion! Hmm.. when it comes to food contamination, we can indeed do nothing but be careful. Quite a lot of food is contaminated today.

RM100 per can after 15% discount for purchase of three 800g cans... BMS Organic,

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This is mine by the way,


I heard once (from a crazy "healer", but in that point, he seems to be right), that the calcium in milk would form crystals about a quarter of an hour after milking. These crystals would hurt the bones like sandpaper. It seems to be the worst treatment for osteoporosis and maybe your problems. I met once a woman who suffers from osteoporosis who could confirm me, that she lives better without milk, only the doctors tell her...

I recently realize that most doctors just want our money and prescribe colourful pills which, well, only relieves the symptoms for a short time. I can see that in my very sick dad whose symptoms get better by eliminating red meat for three days. Sadly, I don't think he'll give up red meat :(

Milk crystals hurt bones like sandpaper! Wow, that's crazy. I currently only take small amount of milk from beverages, hopefully I can give them up for good as soon as I live on my own. I rely on almonds, oranges and sesame seeds, plus lots of fruits and veggies along with some bodyweight exercises. As to date, my family no longer drinks milk as much but it is way too difficult to tell them to give up milk forever.

Thank you Stephan! I will check it out :D

Ugh, not those commercial ones in my country which has "soy milk extract" and preservatives :(

You're lucky! If I want true soy milk I'll have to make it myself and or purchase from family businesses, only to end up drinking the whole thing myself! Nevertheless it's soy milk for the win.


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