Hi All,

Im a new vegetarian and everything was going ok until two days ago. We went out eating and my bfriend ordered fish and when I saw it I really wanted to eat it.....Oh my God!! I didn't have any craving at all until now..... pfff even now writing about it I feel like having sardines or some grilled salmon...... I will not eat it, but its not a nice feeling.... some nice advice on how to distract my taste&mind? :-)   Thanx guys!!

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Good omega 3 sources include avocados, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds. Viramin A foods that contain beta carotene include carrots, squashes, pumpkin. Adding these to your diet will help your nutritional profile.

Thanx Ann, I eat al this products! Yummiieeee

I found a brand of vegetarian fish at my local Asian Market :)  The brand is VeriSoy, a sister company of VegeUSA.  They make a vegetarian fish substitute, a vegetarian salmon, and vegetarian shrimp.  They make an assortment of other mock-meats as well.  If you do not have an Asian Market in your area, I would try a specialty store like Wholefoods or Earthfare.  They may carry the same product under the VegeUSA brand, but it might be a bit more expensive than what you would find at a smaller market.  Another thing I try when I get a craving for fish is vegetarian sushi.  Most Japanese restaurant have a variety of vegetarian sushi on the menu already like inari, cucumber rolls, wakame rolls, or vegetable tempura rolls.  I hope this helps!  Best of luck on your new vegetarian lifestyle :)

I used to love the taste and texture. But, then I was given an aquarium that an acquaintance could not keep...Taking care of my fishy pet friends, well that changed my perspective.

sometimes , i hate to admit it but sometimes FROM NOWHERE , maybe i am taking a walk or just trying to sleep or doing something ordinary , then from nowhere for a few seconds i start craving any kind of meat. it happens randomly and almost never but it happens 

Your body may be in need of Omega Fats, idoine or sodium.

You can add:

nuts, seeds


You may also need protein...

I live in Lima, Peru, where is very hard to find vegetarian products, whenever I go out there are few choices for vegetarians. I'm actually a pescatarian, I've been a pescatarian for a month, so I'm very new at this. I'm still researching, and reading your comments is very helpful so thanks everyone :)  

Oh.. I'm not as strong as you... I didn't eat fish for 3 years and now here I am again!! -.-

Fish..why you so tasty?? 

Hi, I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. If you simply think of the pain, and fear that fish go thru--- to become your food; it might help curb that craving. We have so many alternatives now. I never see my diet as giving up something, but learning, and finding new wonderful foods. Good luck, and keep up the good work. Nona

Hi Nona, thanxx, I actually see it as well as a discovery journey. New products, new ways of cooking.... I love it!! Its fun!! 


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