For a year and a half i was your typical vegetarian, remaining to still eat eggs and drink milk. I have an almost 4 year old daughter that was drinking milk regularly, that is until i did my research! But after all what's so bad about all the products that have milk in it? Baskin Robins can't be that bad with its bright cheery colored walls, right? Wrong. It's a nightmare in disguise. Here is why:

1. In order for a cow to produce milk, she must be pregnant. In order for her to be pregnant she has to have sperm inserted into her vagina, and this is done with a metal device(aka animal rape).

2. They are continuously impregnated. After the mother cows baby is born it is immediately taken away from her. A mother cow screams for days wanting the return of her baby.

3. The life span of a cow is 20 years, but dairy cows live up to 7 years because their bodies give out from standing and being pregnant constantly.

4. The machines that are constantly sucking milk out of their tits cause them to produce pus. They sometime get infected. The milk is also known as cows blood because all the nutrients in milk come from the blood of a cow.

5. They live their life in constant pain and misery being a slave so that you can have cheese, milk, ice cream.

So you tell me, do you still want to drink milk? Even with all the alternatives out there?

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unfortunately, whilst you and I are fully aware of rape racks (this is the name of the metal frame the cows are put into so that they can be artificially inseminated) there are many vegetarians out there who still believe in 'the happy humane dairy farm' and in silly lies such as 'if the cows didn't get milked their udders would explode' ... I have seen this said by members of this very site! (not naming names, as that would be mean) ... yet if a cow is allowed to keep her calf, the amount the calf suckles is much less than the milking machine would take, and do the udders explode? no they do not. Do they get mastistis? swellings from being over -stimulated? a cow in ordinary conditions does not, but a dairy farm caw will.  and the amount of pus and blood that is allowed to be in the milk before and after pasteurization is scary... much more than 1,000 cells. 

I did notice that people were saying that on this site! Just goes to show the lack of education on this subject. Thanks for your informative input!

I hope some people will watch this "mostly" inspiring ad campaign that pretty much hits the point home. This campaign helped me go from Vegetarian to Vegan.  Common sense, that's all.

That was a beautiful video! already paying it forward!

I love it too. A simple message to put things in perspective.


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