I'm new to being vegetarian but would consider vegan in the future, my only issue is I need milk, cheese and butter substitutes and so far can't find any at our local stores. I don't have much free time so I couldn't really go for a long drive just for these things.

What would you recommend as a substitute to butter, cheese, milk which is quick, easily obtainable, and similar prices to the regular things?

Thank you.

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I've just had a quick look on your page, and you're from the UK too! Yay! SO I can share my knowledge.

For butter, I normally buy Vitalite, which is widely available at UK supermarkets. It's £1 for a tub in Sainsburys and Tesco, which is where I frequently shop. Other (slightly more expensive) options are the Dairy Pure range, supermarket own brand (check the dairy free from section!), and Flora Freedom.

Substitutes for cheese can be a little more difficult, but Sainsbury's now have a fantastic range. I also like Violife cheese, which is also in the freefrom chilled section in most stores. If you're in tesco- their own brand dairy free cheese is labelled as a block. My favourite of the own brand is the Tesco Rich smoked Soya block, or the Sainsburys grated "Cheddar Style".

Milk is easy peasy- I normally get own brand soya- but get it from the long life section. It tastes exactly the same and is a fraction of the cost.

Good luck with your search! Feel free to message me if you need any more help :-)

Thank you so much for your help :) I actually tried soya milk in coffee for the first time today, and after a few sips not only did it taste as good as regular milk, it feels a LOT lighter and I'm not as bloated as I normally am after coffee. It is definitely a keeper.

Will have to get some Vitalite and try some of the vegan cheese you suggested :) I thought going vegan was going to be difficult but right now it actually seems just as easy as not being vegan :P Really excited to give it a try!

Thank you very much for your help xx

Yeah honestly it's not that difficult at all- you just have to know where to look! If you're near a holland and barret they also have a fantastic chilled section for vegan options (INCLUDING PRE-MADE VEGAN PIZZAS!). Obviously the H&B options are a little more pricey, but well worth checking out for a treat!

I can also wholeheartedly recommend vegusto.co.uk- especially for when you're doing a bulk order to make the most of postage!

Hey I am too from the UK!! Sainsburrys is great for vegan options. I personally shop at Asda as it's on my drive home. They have lots of milk options from Alpro to Blue Diamond milk. Same with yogurts. I personally buy Asda's own range as it's cheap and we get through 2-3 tubs a week :) Asda do lack in the cheese range though which is a bummer as I want a cheese board for Xmas


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