Dating, Getting Engaged, and Marrying a Meat Eater - Can Make A Difference

I tried two times previously to go vegetarian.  I think my problem was I just decided I didn't want animals to die for me - I had heard about cruelty but never invested time about it.  I failed for bacon and snack wraps at McDonalds.  I then became serious one time and became vegetarian for real.  I have been now for 4.5 years.  I went vegetarian right as my ex boyfriend and I broke up.  We were high school sweethearts and were together for 6.5 years.

I was single and out with my friends.  I happened to meet this guy who actually asked me to dance rather than just deciding to dance on you without permission.  Gave him my phone number.  The next morning, my friend and I were joking about how he wasn't going to call, and the phone rang.  That is how it all started.

He was very sweet, took me to walk on a beach (lake) as a surprise.  We ended up having a son.  We took a trip to Las Vegas to visit my mom when our son was 5mos old, and he proposed to me in front of Bellagio's water show.  Before we married, we had a daughter.  We married 7/13/13.

We discussed the kids being vegetarian with me and they are.  My now Husband has eaten meat.  We started by having our own separate portions.  I bought new pans so I had my own pans - he had his.  Then he started eating the vegetarian meals and meat substitutes at home.  When it was just us and the kids going out for dinner, he would eat vegetarian.  For a while now, we haven't even had meat in the house.  The only time he ate it was at other houses, when we went out with more than just us and the kids, or at work.

He knew I would never force him to be vegetarian, but that I wanted him to be.  He even said himself one time, "It would be easier for the kids..." but he still stuck to it.  I was happy he made the changes he had like eating my substitutes and when it was just eating vegetarian.  Every meatless meal, and he had LOTS is a huge help.  I told him one day, "If you went vegetarian how I currently am, I will never nudge you to vegan when I get there."  (We don't milk - only Almond Milk, but consume milk in baked goods, cheese, etc and I don't eat eggs like omelettes, potato salad, unless it is baked in breads, etc.  I will not buy these two items in the plain.  My steps to being vegan one day).

It has been quite a while with all of this thrown around.  

The other day when we went grocery shopping he says to me, "You know, I've been thinking at work about it.  If you let me eat all the meat I want until the end of the year, I will try to go vegetarian.  It will be my New Year Resolution.  I almost eat vegetarian as it is."

This made me so happy!  I love my Husband dearly, and this only made me love him even more.  Feels like he supports me on the matter when so many do not.

So, my message to everyone especially with the thread of if you'd date a meat eater or not.  If you find one open minded, one who is willing to try substitutes, willing to let you show them videos, explain things...  Don't fully count them out.  Each meal you eat together vegetarian, is a meal they didn't eat meat.  And who knows, maybe one day, they may come around and say, "Hey, I think I shall try this too."  You may (slowly but surely) have made a difference in a life and for the animals.

I'm not saying, "EVERYONE GO DATE A MEAT EATER!  Lets convert them by force!" or anything like that.  I'm just saying if you find one willing to hear you on the subject and try the vegetarian foods, don't pass a wonderful man or woman by because they currently "eat meat".  After all, maybe they just don't know the extend of cruelty, the impact on hunger and the planet earth, the heal problems attributed, and such.

New Years Day cannot come fast enough.  XD  I told him we need to go Polar Bearing on January 1st too.  hehe

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I agree. My boyfriend is a meat eater, and willing to go vegan with me in the future. I nudge him towards it a bit, but I don't force him to do anything. I don't look at his plate when he's eating meat and go, "tsk tsk!" I tell him he can do as he pleases. I've already told him that I am raising my children vegan, made that decision before we got together, and he's fine with it. He is so supportive and open about it. I am very lucky. Good luck to your husband becoming a vegetarian, I hope he sticks with it!

Wonderful!  Glad you have found someone as well who is willing to make the steps towards less animal cruelty (*insert all other benefits here*).  It is truly a wonderful thing.

Thank you.  I feel that he can make it since he's I'd say 70% there as it is.  Not a cold turkey thing.  I think the only thing that will get him is possibly others.  I stick to who I am and I'm not saying he is a push over.  However, on the vegetarian subject, I just feel that if people pushed him or teased him... ie: hanging out with the guys (which he never does anyway) and they joke about him not eating meat or something weird testosterone will make guys say.  "Manly men eat meat." or whatever.

I know him and his buddies tried hunting before he met me.  And I know his brother KEPT asking him to go hunting multiple times a year every year and he always refused.  (When I first met him I said I will not date someone who hunts.  I mean, eating meat is one thing, but being the means of the animal dying... taking their life personally... I couldn't do it.  That is where I draw my line.)

My husband is also supportive, but a part of me always thought: "He isn't really supporting me since he isn't veg himself..."  My family would always say things like recently my dad said, "Tell him I'm deep frying the turkey this year again.  So he is hungry and ready for it!"  v.v  or "I'm making this new recipe.  You can't have it, but tell him so he can have some."

So, I am so happy... I feel so loved that this man of mine is willing to do all this for me, for our kids, for the animals.  ^.^  I love him.

I live with him and his family. He says that the only reason he hasn't gone veg is because we are broke, and all his family cooks is meat and they would tease him if he were to go veg. His dad already teases me about not not eating cheese, and his sister says, "There's no way you can do that in this house, we can't afford it!" I try to explain that it is cheaper and healthier, and when I cook, they all love the food. My boyfriend loves everything I cook, and he says, "If you cooked for me like this everyday, I would go vegan." I think that when we live on our own it will be much easier for him. My previous partner turned veg because of me, and still is. Let's change the world by dating meat-eaters! lol.. 


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