hey everyone, im new here to this site and also to being a vegetarian. the question i have is how do you deal with family who dont approve or support your decision to be meat free? the thing i hear a lot is "you need meat to get protein." well obviously i know meat isnt the only way to get protein. but some of my family are worried about me. thinking im making a bad choice. when i present them my reasons for being vegetarian, i hear excuse after excuse. like not all factory farms mistreat their animals, you can get cancer from anything, the chemicals they put into the animals cant be that bad because we have been eating them for years now, milk is good for you...and the list goes on. it just cant be my choice and accept me, im always met with opposition. how do i deal with this???

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Go to eathealthysecrets.com and watch the video.  Send it to your family too!


I find the above link quite helpful. Hope it works for u. 

This is great, Danii. Thanks for sharing it.

I sympathize completely. I have the same problem with many of my family members. From having one sibling referring to me as 'vegan freak' and 'not part of the family anymore' to another sibling stating I would no longer be invited over for dinner. It's insensitive and hurtful. The only things I can really suggest are for you to stick with the choices you make; know you're not alone; and surround yourself with people who don't judge you for your choices.

My daughter in law was kind enough to buy Boca vege burgers for me to eat on Memorial day. She tried one and is hooked. So while some of my family thinks it's silly to give up meat, others support me.  

My family was against me too. I think all what you need is to find some more nutrition facts/info about being vegetarian, eat healthier and show them that you are very healthy by being vegetarian. That was what I do. I showed my family that I was (am) very healthy, and healthier by being vegetarian, and they had (have) nothing to say about my diet then. And now, my family has followed my diet to be a vegetarian too. 

I am vegan, and my mother has supported me most of the way, being a vegetarian herself, but she strongly believes that eating dairy is the only way to go. She isn't really persistent, she just believes that it is unnatural to be vegan, and that it is hard on my body. My girlfriend has it worse. Her family tells her she is stupid, and recently, she went on a trip with them, and they got very angry with her for not fishing, stating that "it is vegan as long as you don't eat them. You can still fish or hunt." This world is a tricky place, and if there is anything I know, it is that people will not always understand you, but you have to accept them with their faults, even if they don't accept you. Living a peaceful lifestyle means being at peace with everyone around you.


be yourself, do what you think you should and show them your strong mind. 

I know what it feels like. I am vegetarian only for one year, but at the beggining, my parents didn´t understand. They considered my decision ridiculous. We can say, they are stubborn carnivores, so it was really hard. But with time passed, I think, they got used to my vegetarianism, although they still don´t understand my reasons. 

I am a little bit afraid, how they will react on veganism. 

If you believe in life for all, not just for humans, you will make it no matter what other people say. 

Good luck and I congratulate to your decision to be vegetarian. You are doing right thing. :)

I was in this situation too but I showed them that it's possible and easy to live without eating meat and their nagging stopped. I went vegan because of the animals, the health, the environment and not because them so I don't care about what they think, I don't mind their stupid comments and just believe that what I do is for the good and nothing else matters.

I had this problem too when I started to be a vegetarian 7 years ago, I was just a teenager at that time. My mum was so worried about my health just like your family and my father was so mad at me and he'd offer me meat while we having meal together. However I insisted not taking any meat and proved them I'm okay without meat. I am even healthier than before. As time passes none of them have problem with my diet choices. My mum even prepare special vege dishes for me whenever I am home and my dad would buy me vege food too. And now I still do have some friends and relatives who look me in a different way cuz I don't eat meat. Some of them even ask if "Do you think u can be a GOD just without eating meat?" Hello! I never said so okay?! This kind of question is just so irritating but I will just take it as a joke and smile at them. Just forgive the ignorant people and you will feel happy. Sometimes, I would just avoid to eat out with my eat-meater friends cuz some people just feel uneasy to eat meat in front of me, it's fine if u wanna eat meat in front of me but yeah if you are uneasy with that I won't be there. However, some of my course-mates would offer to go to vegan restaurant with me if we eating out. So most of the time I won't be absent for our course mate outing cuz they will always go for vegetarian food cuz of me which I think it's a good thing.  

My advice for you is don't give up and be yourself! Time will prove them wrong. You will be fine without taking meat. 

I am married (20+yrs) to a meat eater.  At first he said that my veganism was a phase that I would transition out of.  We sat down and had a long talk about how I support him and now he needs to support me rather it be for one day, the rest of my life, or somewhere in between.  He has been accepting ever since.  He even tries to look for stuff for me that he thinks I can eat.  This morning he got up and fixed himself bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes, and fixed me some healthy potatoes in my own skillet. 

Your family loves you and does not understand and they think you are hurting yourself so they are trying to protect you as my husband tried to do with me as well.  He even will try my dishes now.  So don't give up on your family members they mean well they just don't understand.


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