So... I'm actually hyperglycemic. Lately, I've cut out sugars and dairy from my diet, and have been feeling a lot better. 

Anyone else?? Please share your experience and/or some recipes that work for you too, because I'd like to learn more. :)

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I am really sorry to hear about this! I have a friend who was pre-diabetic as a vegetarian, and reversed insulin resistance when she went vegan.

Do you have high blood cholesterol? Reducing blood viscosity improves insulin sensitivity. You can go to PubMed and search "Neal Barnard" to learn more about the benefits of a low-fat vegan diet in treating diabetes. Dr. Barnard also has a book on reversing diabetes. But offhand I know that he can only reverse T2D. It's Drs. Brian Clement and Gabriel Cousens who can reverse both type 1 and type 2. You may want to google them to learn more about drug-free options. There was a free screening of Simply Raw (Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days) a few years back. It's a very inspiring movie. You can watch it online for a few dollars.

Did you get yourself tested for C-Reactive Protein? If you have diabetes then you have been suffering from chronic inflammation for quite some time now. Systemic inflammation is a prerequisite for chronic degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, including autoimmune diseases such as MS, insulin-dependent diabetes, IBS, and arthritis. Inflammation has many causes, such as omega 3 deficiency/too much pro-inflammatory omega 6s; stress, sleep deprivation, and negative emotions; and  overconsumption of processed and denatured (vegetarian/vegan) foods.  Such foods are oxidized and contain cooked food toxins that promote free radical formation (free radical damage = inflammation). They are also difficult to digest, and often lead to increased gut permeability. The immune system launches an antigenic attack to undigested food proteins that make it to the bloodstream. In the case of T1D the immune cells start attacking pancreatic beta cells because they resemble casein. Wouldn't happen if casein never made it to the bloodstream in the first place.

I suffered from LGS for several years without knowing it. I followed the dietary and supplementation protocol outlined in "Hidden Food Allergies: Is What You Eat Making You Ill?" by Patrick Holford and Dr. James Braly. They only started to offer IgG testing in my neck of the woods earlier this year, so I had to guess which foods I was reacting to when I did the elimination diet 8 years ago. IgG testing is very expensive, so you may want to ask your parents for financial help (it's 20,000 PhP here, so that would be around 2,860 MR). I know all my efforts worked because up to now my CRP is still negative.

Bottom line: you're not hopeless! :D There is a cure for diabetes, as what Dr. Gabe Cousens said. Hope you can find a vegan ND in your area. I wish you healing and peace. Take care!


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