Did you ever think about starting a vegan business?

Did you ever think about creating a business around your passion for animals and veganism?

What were some of your ideas?

I dream about owning a B&B/farm animal sanctuary serving vegan meals to my guests, and offering retreats and yoga classes.

I also think about buying a vegan food cart serving veggie dogs and sausages out on the streets. I don't even care of it makes any money--I would do it just for the fun of it and the feeling of doing something good for other  people & animals.

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What a great idea, the veggie dog carts would be a hit in New Orleans! I visit there on occasion; I live in Baton Rouge so it is just a jump away. Hot dog carts are big out there, and there are a few veg heads, like myself, who would love to see a veggie dog cart.

I am starting a passion that I have had for a long time; researching and writing about the vegetarian diet. My focus is how the lifestyle helps immensely in living a very healthy, disease free life. I would love LOVE to help you out with any ideas for the south on getting veg food on the streets. If you have any ideas on how to get my writing out there: seen, reviewed, published, I am all ears! Have you done anything along those lines?

Hi Courtney,

I blog, but don't write publically and have never had anything published. So I cannot help with that. As for the veg cart, I am not pursuing it too extensively. It is an expense I don't have the money to lay out and I am not sure if there would be much interest in the area that I live in in Colorado. Luckily, there is a vegan van in Denver. But it's more of a dream right now--unless I happen to come into extra money or get together with a group of people.

I'm looking to start a vegan wedding and event business.

and later on if life open up a b and b with an animal sanctuary!! snap lol (animal sanctuary is my ultimate of dreams)

Wow! That is awesome. I am not sure where you live--but my wedding was "vegan friendly". Most people didn't even know it.

@Francesca_Bee: When you start that business, come on over and become a vendor on the vegan weddings site: www.rosepedalsveganweddings.com. We'd love to have you - Good luck!

@Kimberly Rosa: Cool! You can submit your vegan-friendly wedding to share with the world at www.rosepedalsveganweddings.com/submissions.

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 I often thought of starting a wholefood  /wholesale vegetarian/vegan food store/juicebar/resturant on the island with hard to get items on the island of Bermuda. I do like that veggie dog cart store as I am often disappointed to find every other dog on the menu besides veggies dogs...siiiigh...lol...

I've always loved the thought of having my own little vegan cafe/bakery/book shop. :) I'm wanting to have my own vegan nutrition consultant business.

I'm going to school to be a dietitian, I thought it'd be great if I geared towards helping people turn vegan and prepare vegan diets.

I like your ideas!  I have thought about opening a meditation/yoga center (I just started meditation and haven't even done yoga yet!) in the future. I also dream of having a pet sanctuary, for unadoptable cats and dogs. Not sure how I will do this, as I live in Mexico and still don't speak Spanish fluently...oh well, keep dreaming!  good luck with your endeavors!

I know this is an old conversation but like this topic v.much, would like to say I've been looking at adopting animals with disabilities and your idea is great, I am sure it will work. Corinne, I hope you are still coming around this website. There are definitely people who would support your sanctuary and might even turn to you to adopt those cats and dogs.


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