Did you ever think about starting a vegan business?

Did you ever think about creating a business around your passion for animals and veganism?

What were some of your ideas?

I dream about owning a B&B/farm animal sanctuary serving vegan meals to my guests, and offering retreats and yoga classes.

I also think about buying a vegan food cart serving veggie dogs and sausages out on the streets. I don't even care of it makes any money--I would do it just for the fun of it and the feeling of doing something good for other  people & animals.

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I feel the same way. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. Have been transistioning to vegan for about a year. Would love to have vegan food truck.

Maybe you could start selling Vegan superfoods. Like potatos, carrots cabbage, bread and peanuts. Cheaper and healthier than Berries and Quinoa. Maybe I should have been a grocer...

lol ;-)

I would love to have a farm with goats,and have a vegetarian restaurant with goat cheese farmed humanely with pet goats. People could pet,and enjoy their sweet natures. Plus have wonderful vegetarian dishes,with no dairy whatsoever,or animal products except for the humanely cultivated goat cheese..Is this possible??

all the time :).. id love to have a vegan cash and carry.. or a cafe shop .. one day just one day!

Hello, I think it would be great to create and join a "vegetarian vegan eating place" where to prepare, sell/buy and consume good, fresh and healthy food at a reasonable price with an "organic Permaculture farm or vegetable garden" where to grow and keep all the ingredients, fruits and vegetables all year long for the restaurant. I believe this type of association (production, conservation & preparation, consumption) could be a great chance to stay sustainable and independent, as well as a nice opportunity to meet with other "like minded people", to share ideas and work, and to gather people around "whole food plant diet", freedom, harmony and peace.

I have this idea, the motivation and the resources to start such an association, but I doubt to be able to do it alone, so if anyone is interested in pursuing this idea (wherever in the world), please let me know ;-)


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