I could stand to lose up to twenty pounds.  I follow a vegan, gluten free diet.  I eat mostly raw foods, almost all vegetables, no heavy starches, no sugars (I use stevia if necessary but I usually am fine just eating fruit) and limit the number of calories I intake.  I pay close attention to getting proper nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, healthy fats, etc) and I am very active.  I live in a very hilly, heavily forested area and I'm constantly hiking; I also run 5 times a week, do yoga almost daily and pilates about 4 times a week.  I don't understand why I am carrying this extra 20 pounds and I was curious if any other healthy, active women have overcome this dilemma?

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I agree 100%. I have fruit only till 12h00 and then a salad for lunch and "normal" dinner.

stop trippin, thick women are sexy ;)

Hi Maynard:) I recently wrote a post about aging. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts..http://divinewiz.com/2013/09/24/the-true-cause-of-aging-loss-of-att...

Hi Jenn Jenn, I have always had the opposite issue. We would have to completely dissect your diet and medical history to discover the issue. Do you eat soy products?

Have you checked your thyroid hormones levels?

Im still young, im 17 years old, but since i switched to lacto-vegetarian (trying to go vegan) i gained a lot of weight! It's really bodering me, because im a marathon runner, i do ''fitness'' 4 days a week, i eat healthy (lots of vegetables) and i also drink a lot of water! I really dont know what else to do! Im not fat, but i do have some extra pouds, and no matter what i do, i still have them! I completly understand u! Besides, being on a diet its imposible being almos vegan, isnt it? :(

You should go to a nutritionist because you're probably not eating that correctely.

Hi everyone, I'm new here.
Jenn, Have you tried counting the calories you take and substracting the excercise? It works like a charm for me. i use apps for calorie counting. in the end it's pretty much about how much you eat and how much you burn, not what.

Despite what all the veggie and vegan doctors tend to say polemically, that's true - eat less and burn more through exercise, then lose weight.

Actually Im loosing plenty way faster been Vegan, I eat plenty but keep loosing .

Have you tried eliminating mental stress from your life if at all you have it? Have you tried changing your job/profession if you're unhappy in what you currently do? I did that and lost about 25 pounds 2 years ago. Since then I have maintained what it seems to be my appropriate weight and body proportions. I am a Graphic Designer so I am like sitting here for 10-14 hours a day. I have minimal physical activities going on. I believe a stress-free and happy life keeps me the way I am. Medical science and logic can't explain my situation...because I now eat more fatty food than I did before. Of course I don't eat excess of fatty food, but just more in relevance to the past. And don't think about "your weight/fat (problem)" all the time. The power of the mind is greater than anything else. Stay positive and keep happy. But then I'm a man...


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