I'm a 16 year old vegan girl. I've be vegetarian for years and vegan since last year. My parents worry a bit about my health so insist I take supplements every day. 

I currently take one 'Solgar' Vitamin B12 tablet, and three 'power teen' multivitamin tablets (which contain a little bit of everything) every day.

My question is do I really need to take supplements, or so many supplements? We got the ones I'm currently taking from a health shop and the lady there recommended I take them. But surely if I'm living without animal products, I should be living without these things too?

Are there really any essential vitamins I need from meat, eggs or dairy? 

Thanks in advance for your answers everyone :)

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You don't 'need' any, but I would keep taking b12 just in case :) I'm 14 and have managed perfectly fine without any

Thank you :)

I'm an athlete and I only need vitamin b12. My body is under continual stress and requires much better care than most in terms of nutrients. I eat almost all unrefined veggies/legumes/grains though.  So it will vary greatly depending on how complete your nutritional package is =). 

If you eat bread and drink pepsi all day your gonna need supplements :D.

Thanks you:) yes my diet is a bit more varied than bread and pepsi, I get lots of healthy foods:)you sound very dedicated as well, well done :D

I have been vegetarian for 14 years. I never consume any kind of supplements at all, and I am very healthy. I am 29 now. I just eat normally, fruits and green vegetables. 

I do a lot of exercises every day. I run for at least 3.5 -  5 kms 5 times a week. And sometimes, I ride bicycle for about 40kms. So far, I am very healthy without any kind of supplements.

Viva Vegetarian! Keep Healthy!

Thanks a lot:) I don't do half as muh of the excercise you do haha:)
Thank you, I will :)

It's always good to take them. We're not taking them to allow us to eat poorly, or anything, but we take them to supplement the vitamins we're already getting. It's like insurance. It's recommended that even meat eaters take them, just in case there's one area of our diet that's lacking.. maybe it's calcium, or iron (for me it was iron, big time), or vitamin D. It's always good to take it, just to be sure we're getting enough in case we're lacking some in our diet unknowingly. 

Hi, Phoebe. You definitely need vitamin B-12 supplements as B-12 only comes from meat, eggs and fortified cereals/milk/soy milk (and these still do not have the recommended daily amounts). The body stores B-12 too so one can go as long as six months without it but its advised to consume B-12 everyday. All the other supplements are not really needed. 1 b-12 a day and you're good. Kudos to you on becoming vegan. I'm vegetarian now but transition to veganism :) 

Thank you very much:) best of luck with veganism :D

B 12

this is an excerpt, hence starting with the continuation, would be too long otherwise...
---" indeed, Dr Vetrano argues that the real problem in so-called B12 deficiency is a failure of digestion and absorption of foods, rather than a deficiency of the vitamin itself "...

---my input: there are enough vitamins in all foods, ------B12------ in all or most vitamin complexes today, however if you don´t drink enough, "kinda" forget it, liquid being the hauler of vitamins, the conveyor belt to where vitamins and minerals are needed in your body as am always in the habit of mentioning how important water is...for the less liquid (such as water and herbal teas),the worse the digestion so all minerals leave "unsung " during the daily morning session...

This is incorrect, Dr Vetrano's views have been discredited, it bad science and potentially dangerous advice to vegans to give up B12 supplements. 


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