I am willing to concede the facts like "we should hate the habit and not the person" and "we should fight against the sin and not the sinner".. But somehow finding it very difficult to Love non-vegetarians. The moment I think of the things they eat and the sight of it makes me loathe them. Don't know why my mind is programmed to think that way and I am really finding it difficult to get out of it.

Well, there are a few similar people too I met in facebook, They tell me, They hate Non-vegetarians because They ask themselves "If a person can't be compassionate towards a fellow sentient being and can't love an innocent voiceless and hopeless animal, How can they love fellow human beings"? How can the people who cherish the cruelty-based food, be good at heart?

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I hate when people say, "i would be a vegetarian but i dont like vegetables"
I also hate when people say they dont want to look at the videos about live-stalk or they dont want to hear the real truth behind their food because it is too sad..thhhhan go and bite into a burger! If you cant bare see the truth behind your food, than you shouldnt eat it!!

But everyone has their own choice to eat what they want..

No, I don't hate them. I love everyone. Of course I do wish everyone would be vegetarian.

The world would had been a better and healthier home for both Humans and Animals if everybody is a vegetarian. Wish that happens soon. Since It was said that early man's diet was initially based on meat and slowly he learnt growing crops. I feel Plant-based diet and vegetarianism is evolutionarily more advanced than animal based diet, which is why it requires a moment of thought and perhaps the involvement of brain to see the truth, realize where their food come from and respect the existence of fellow sentient beings. We no longer live in caves and run around naked, But we call ourselves "civilized". But I am surprised why civilization is seen interms of only technological advancements and not as a transition from brutal, inhumane practices to healthy and eco-friendly living practices. Wish earth becomes a healthier place to live, soonest possible!

Yes,following those other plant eating species for a more peaceful Earth!!!!

I felt a lot of resentment, when I tried to inform my non-veggie friends and they seemed completely empty of compassion. I think they are just so removed from it- they close down, they don't WANT to feel empathetic. Which I guess is an evil in itself, ignoring what you are doing and who it effects. Maybe they're just not in that place yet, and need time. But all you can do is try and be patient, forgive them, and move forward. Hating them will only drag you down. I still love my friends and family who choose to eat meat, and choose not to discuss it with them anymore. Discussing it with people who aren't genuinely interested in changing will just cause conflict, both in the relationship and inside of you xoxoxo

You are in a group of meat eating people. They order their cuisines of interest and you order yours. Apparently the conversation balls shifts with somebody asking you, Hey! why don't you eat meat, its really tasty and taste-bud entangling. and you tell them, because I love animals. With conversation going further on the same topic, How can one restrain themselves from speaking on vegetarianism and seconding their own way of living?

Speak only when spoken to about the subject when with meat eaters.  There interest level is superficial, and we have the tendency to wanna go deep.  That's what this site is for :)

Well of course whenever you're confronted you respond, lol- but at this point, they've heard all of my arguments, and now if they do bring it up, it's just light teasing and I ignore it, because what will follow will be an argument, not a debate. So you're asking how can I not get riled up every time someone provokes me? Because I want to enjoy my meal not talk to a wall lmao.

Also, what Julie said ^^^^


all of my friends r non-veg

Dude, If you can't relate, rise above all the hate!  Not worth it.  The heart is not just made up of the body, it is spirit and soul....and not for you to judge or be so threatened by.  I think what you hate is the ignorance, and disconnect the meat eaters have with how it effects us all, and there for is some what of a selfish lifestyle. 

But, ignorance is bliss...The energy you spend should be towards showing them the way, not telling them.  Most of society happens to still believe in the food chain.  It should not shock or piss you off.  Be thankful that you "get it" and just lead by example.

Are you newly vegetarian?

This happens a lot when people become more aware and they start seeing the world only from their perspective. Most of the people eating meat and dairy really don't know how badly the animals are being treated, they don't really know how bad it is for their health to eat it, and they often just do it because everyone else is doing it and it seems "normal" to them and they want to fit in and have no food issues. 

My family is not vegan, but they will eat vegan food with me now that they're convinced I know how to cook better than they do and it's not big deal. Most of my friends are not vegan and they kind of act distanced about the fact that I'm no longer "like them" and "normal" but I don't have to worry about my health as much as they should be. 

What annoys me is when people who eat junk food and fast food and then they're sick all the time and constantly post about being ill and always having a cold or the flu or something awful and they want sympathy.  I don't really want to sympathize after I've given them some info on why dairy is making them all mucousy and stuffed up and all the junk food they eat is giving them head aches and migraines and stuff. 

If anyone says they don't like vegetables all they have to do is eat my food and I will change their mind!

I'm a person with anger issues, so I hold a lot of resentment for many things. Most days I can cope, and in the end, I always believe that it is because of our society and institutions that we are exploiting non-humans the way we do. But some days I can't deal with it and have mental breakdowns and get very angry with everyone; mostly those that continue to willingly participate in the murder of other creatures.

It's hard to cope with sometimes, so when that happens I isolate myself from omnivores so I don't do anything mean or uncalled for. 


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