I am willing to concede the facts like "we should hate the habit and not the person" and "we should fight against the sin and not the sinner".. But somehow finding it very difficult to Love non-vegetarians. The moment I think of the things they eat and the sight of it makes me loathe them. Don't know why my mind is programmed to think that way and I am really finding it difficult to get out of it.

Well, there are a few similar people too I met in facebook, They tell me, They hate Non-vegetarians because They ask themselves "If a person can't be compassionate towards a fellow sentient being and can't love an innocent voiceless and hopeless animal, How can they love fellow human beings"? How can the people who cherish the cruelty-based food, be good at heart?

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its nearly impossible to actually hate them, there are many people, like me, whom are the only vegetarian/ vegan in their family. how could you possibly hate your own family, just because they eat meat? i know animals are part of the family too a lot of the times, but many people are uneducated about what could happen to the animals. i remember my dad telling me over and over again that the animals arent miss treated. this is how our society today sees it. that way its just another way of life, like how a lion would eat a zebra. it is nature, but people are so uneducated, that it is not as natural as a lion eating a zebra. the animals suffer FAR worse. how can we hate people that only do what they do because they are uneducated? we really cant.

I really don't mind if someone chooses to eat meat, after all it IS their choice. What bugs me is when they attempt to argue with me, and refuse to listen to my point of view.

I love my boyfriend very much, but he's a complete carnivore. However he always keeps an open mind.
After being a vegetarian for 9+ years, I finally made the jump to vegan. we had a discussion about my reasons, and he accepted everything that I told him about cruelty in the dairy/egg industry, and said he'd be interested in researching some more on the topic.

He also immediately asked me if he could try some of my almond milk. (he loved it!)

So even though he still eats meat, he's slowly understanding more, and becoming more open to why I choose to eat this way.

My boyfriend is a vegetarian , I love him to death and of course I don't agree that he should eat dead animal bodies. It'd be really awesome if he went veg but it doesn't change the way I feel about him. I don't hate anyone , I love everyone including my enemies and hating meat eaters isn't going to get us anywhere but unhappy. Everyone around me is a meat eater.

There's only one person we have control over. The rest we can influence by our actions, but nothing more. Everyone has a right to their own choices, whether we agree with them or not.

I only hate people who act like this: 


That article made me spechless


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