When my parents work late I cook for them even if it's meat because I feel like it would be disrespectful not cooking dinner for them when they work late.

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Yes I buy and cook meat for my family and friends. I am the main cook so I don't have much choice. I would love everyone around me to be vegan like me but I can't see that happening much. Although I have cooked some vegan food that they have enjoyed. I don't think they would eat it all the time though. x

i never cook meat for my parents . I'm still single. And I'll be single forever till i'll find a vegan girl friend

Luckily my parents are both vegetarian and they like my vegan food. x

I never ever cook meat, eggs or touch milk, cheese meat eggs. I'm vegan for a reason because I absolutely hate it. In fact I'm the only vegan in my household but we all drink soy milk, eat vegan cheese. my partner and daughter only eat free range eggs. My daughter is a vegetarian but my partner eats meat although he has gone from meat in every meal to 1 or 2 times a week and refuses to eat factory farmed meat (so proud of him)

Thinking about the disgusting lives they are forced to lead and how horribly they are slaughtered I for one DO NOT want my family contributing to that, paying people to do that and thinking that its ok.

I don't cook meat for my family but for me it's easy not to, because my husband is a good cook too and he doesn't have a problem cooking it even though he recently became a vegetarian.

Never. You could simply make them a dinner friendly to your beliefs. If they demand you cook them meat, then that is really selfish. You can go out of your way to help someone have a nice meal, but to throw away your beliefs because of that? That's asking too much. You have to respect yourself as well.

I totally agree.  Perfectly said =)

I wouldnt. First of all, it would make me sick! second of all, it's disgusting! After all, no one says that just because one eats meat one has to eat meat at every meal. 

I don't cook.  LOL.  Well I do sometimes and I would if I had to.

I do cook meat for my partner. At first I swore I never would, but then I saw how unhealthy he can be. I don't cook it every day because he's open to eating a fair bit of veggie food, but he's going to eat meat one way or another so I'd prefer he did it the healthy way so I do it for him. Luckily, since I used to eat meat, I'm not too grossed out by it.

NO !!!  Never !!  My home is vegan and anyone who comes into my home has to respect that.  

Hell no!!! As a vegan I made the decision not to support a cruel industry with my actions.....if I cooked meat for someone else then I would be re-negging on that decision. I don't see how not cooking meat would be disrespectful to your parents? Just cook a vegan or veggie meal. My husbands eats meat and I only cook vegan. He eats it, and if he wants meat then he can go buy and cook it, not me.


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