Hi everybody!

I've got a question for all of you.
I'm the only vegetarian in my family. Sometimes, when my mother works, she asks me to cook for my brother, my sister and her. It's ok for me to prepare the vegetables, carbohydrates but NOT meat. For me it goes without saying that if I don't eat meat, I won't cook dead animals neither! But she doesn't want to understand and she keeps telling me to stop being silly and that nobody forces me to eat the meat.
What could I do to make her understand? What do you think about cooking meat?
Thanks for your help!

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Personally I wouldn't touch or cook meat for anyone, so well done and stand your ground. Is it an option for you to make a vegetarian alternative to meat that everyone could eat or would they just refuse to eat it ?

At the beginning they were curious and sometimes they would try to eat one of my veggie meal. But then they needed their meat again --" and now they just don't wanna try something new, they just say that it's not tasty and bla bla bla. They are really narrow-minded. So, no I don't think there would be any chance that they eat anything else than dead animals :/

All I would say is, "I'm NOT cooking meat! If you want it, you BUY and COOK it." They won't starve.  And it's okay for you to stop - even though you might have been cooking it all along. Ethics trumps you having to cook for them.

I never cook a meat meal even for others, sometimes I say yes it's meat they love the meal, then find out it doesn't have meat and become upset that they could ever enjoy a meal with no meat. you could just burn every meat meal until they actually don't enjoy your meals with meat but love your veggie meals!

Lying to people isn't a good thing. Imagine how you would feel if someone lied to you and told you that the meal you ate didn't have meat and then after you said how good it was they told you that it actually had some meat in it. I always let people know if something has vegetarian food in it and if they don't want to eat it, that's up to them.

You're absolutely right, Melvin. But to us, someone lying about the meat would be devastating. But getting no animal parts in your food and thinking they were, is not a big deal.

I actually meant to put that in the post, but went to something else and when I came back, I had forgotten. It's true that it would cause them no emotional or physical pain, but it could cause them to want to get revenge. It's just best for both sides to be upfront about what's in food. That even goes beyond vegetarianism. There are so many allergies these days that you never know what could happen.

Haha it's very cunning ;) I could try to make them believe that they're eating meat but I know that if they discover before beginning to eat that it's quorn, soy steak or tofu, they will be upset and they could be able not to eat it at all. And I don't really feel like wasting food. But thanks for the advice, maybe I'll try to find something that is very similar to meat so that they don't realize what it is

Get wheat gluten and make Seitan. It's easy. With a few drops of liquid smoke and tamari, it tastes like bacon. It's amazing stuff. And I would keep sneaking it in for awhile and then tell them after a few months. If they refuse to eat it again, say, "More for me.You cook what you want!!!"

Um well seeing how I have never had to cook meat at all I don't know how so if someone asked me it probably be horribly done. I don't really like being around cooking meat because of the sound and the smell so I honestly would probably never do it. Maybe try and cook vegetarian meals instead though, I mean if they really want meat I'm sure someone will make some. You're not in the wrong for not wanting to. I understand how undesirable it is.

Occasionally. I feel as though it helps my relationships with people when I have a good attitude about what they eat.

I'm having a similar issue, I'm expecting my first child in January and I would never force being a vegetarian on him, how do I get over my fear of meat to give my child the chance to decided for himself.


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