Hi everybody!

I've got a question for all of you.
I'm the only vegetarian in my family. Sometimes, when my mother works, she asks me to cook for my brother, my sister and her. It's ok for me to prepare the vegetables, carbohydrates but NOT meat. For me it goes without saying that if I don't eat meat, I won't cook dead animals neither! But she doesn't want to understand and she keeps telling me to stop being silly and that nobody forces me to eat the meat.
What could I do to make her understand? What do you think about cooking meat?
Thanks for your help!

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I agree with Alexys!! You are basically doing the same thing by choosing to give him meat and not letting him choose to be a veg, so why not just take the healthier route and instill the better? He can make the decision later on in life when he figures it all out for himself. Alexys you are so right, one million percent. 

My son is 20. I NEVER gave him meat of any kind. That doesn't mean you're "Forcing" vegetarianism on him. He understood that the reason we didn't eat like a lot of others is because we are compassionate and care about animals. Feeding him meat and trying to teach him compassion are incompatible. When he is 18, he will make his own decisions. YOU are his mother and YOU are responsible for raising a healthy boy and a compassionate boy. My son never asked for meat, even though his daddy ate it. When he accidentally was given a pepperoni pizza slice, he cried. I told him not to worry, it wasn't his choice. But already at 8 years old, he had so much compassion for animals that he felt guilty. If you know that killing animals is not right, then feed your son ONLY compassionate foods. Trust me, you , NOR he, will ever regret it!

I am VERY guilty of this.

Party attenders are happy and the hosts are very appreciative - considering I'm one of few that would contribute towards cookouts. Anything I make is so OD prepared on a particular marinate that I cannot acknowledge the smells in the household. I would like to eventually be able to prepare one regular dish, under a significant smaller portioning, alongside an alternate (but a desirable) dish - eventually being worry free about whatever animal-free dish I conjure up.

How do you expect others to respect your decision when all you are doing is enabling them to make bad ones?

very VERY true Nicole!!! I won't ever touch meat again-even as a Home Health Aide and not like that's a life long vocation anyway. Thank you so much for your comment!! :D

No, I will never cook meat for others. For my reason on going vegan is because I love animals, so how could I cook my animals friends?

Let's just say you were a home health aide OR you were cooking meat for an elderly person that needs/wants meat and they are dying. They have only you to help them. What do you do in that circumstance? 

No.  I won't buy meat for anyone, nor will I cook it.

in my opinion... it seems you are still a minor or at least still under your mothers roof.. so personally I feel you have to cook the food your mother has asked you to cook, each person has there own personal views.. this should not change your views on the subject... mother house... mothers rules...

Being vegan was a choice I made.  I have no right to force my beliefs on anyone else. (As much as I would love to. ) Maybe by setting an example and giving people positive information about why I am who I am will hopefully sway them over to living a more compassionate life.  Forcing our beliefs on others only backfires.   My husband is not vegan.  I cook what he likes and I cook for myself.  Many times he will say, "Oh I'll just have what your having.  It's a step in the right direction. 

Just an after thought.  I ordered a product I hadn't tried before V-Egg  He was just as excited to try it as I was. 

I don't touch meat or leather unless it is necessary. My mother drives a car with leather seats. When I visit her, we often go to lunch in her car, and it isn't like it is any better for anyone if I drive my SUV. I won't touch bare meat though. It makes me feel sick. 

I have learned so much about what is in all the products I  use everyday.   It's easy to eat vegan but it is very close to impossible to live vegan.  Medicines, toothpastes, biofuels, fabric and a million  other things I would never guess  contain  animal products.  it's very discouraging. 


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