Hi everybody!

I've got a question for all of you.
I'm the only vegetarian in my family. Sometimes, when my mother works, she asks me to cook for my brother, my sister and her. It's ok for me to prepare the vegetables, carbohydrates but NOT meat. For me it goes without saying that if I don't eat meat, I won't cook dead animals neither! But she doesn't want to understand and she keeps telling me to stop being silly and that nobody forces me to eat the meat.
What could I do to make her understand? What do you think about cooking meat?
Thanks for your help!

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Good for you!

I stopped cooking meat for others last year as the thought of it now disgusts me, my youngest daughter turned vegetarian instantly after seeing only 2mins of the documentary "Earthlings".  I told my eldest daughter who refuses to stop eating meat in my house, that when she comes home from Uni, I will ONLY cook vegetarian food and she has been warned to keep meat the hell out of my fridge too.

Show them some documentaries and maybe they may be a bit more sympathetic toward your choice of food, "Earthlings" and "Knives over forks" are 2 good ones, who knows they may join you.

No way. You need to ask her to respect your position on it. The first time I tried being vegetarian I was 16. Mum refused to accept it and insisted on cooking me a meat meal every night. I couldn't cook so I would throw a potato in the microwave and stubbornly eat that instead. These days she proudly makes me her own special recipe vegan soup in bulk to get me through the winter. It just takes time and understanding. No one should be forced to cook meat when they are vegetarian.

We used to use Quorn and lots of fake meat products when we made dinner for my ex's son - he never noticed the difference. Maybe you could do that :)

I have never had an issue with cooking meat for anyone. I regularly cook meat for my boyfriend.

My mum is the same but has got a bit better at accepting it recently. She's never asked me to cook meat, but used to ask me to carry dishes with meat on/leftover meat bits on and I refused! I just tell her I'm not carrying any dead bodies and she usually tell me to stop being stupid. 

There is no way I would ever cook meat for anyone! 

lol debs. I went with the family for thanksgiving shopping. My grandma and I are walking down the meat isle. She  tells me to grab the turkey. I'm like sure I will grab the frozen dead rotting bird.

It is like asking a non smoker to light a cigarette. 

it's more like asking a non-smoker to sit outsite with you in the cold and wind so you can smoke a damn cigarette, selfish smokers :)) and they are so surprised when I tell them no, of course I don't want to sit with you so you can polute my air :) 

I don't like it and people should respect that :) I don't like buying it either :)


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