Hi.. I am just curious, do you date a meat eater?

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I know quite a few people who are vegetarians, but I'm not attracted to nay of them, since becoming vegetarian three years ago I've never dated someone who was vegetarian, that would be good - but I don't think someone being a meat-eater would stop me :)

I was with a meat-eater for five years after going vegetarian. Grocery shopping was always a heated subject.

well.. try to let him know the cons to being a vegetarian :) 

My husband is a meat eater, although he doesn't get a great deal of it living in a house where the rest of us are vegetarian!

been there. I've been criticized by my bofriend's dad, by my best friend's boyfriend's stepmom, everyone. MY boyfriend eats meat, but he will also take a vegetrain meal because he cares about the animals as well, and it takes one word to make him rethink eating meat. However, living in the south and being around a bunch of ignorant, red-necks, I seem to cop a lot of shit for being the odd one out.

I am currently dating a meat eater, although I find he kind of tries to cater to me in the sense that he has cut down his meat consumption (without me asking him to). Everyone has the right to decide what they're going to put in their body, and if someones belief isn't the same as mine, well good, diversity is essential :) 
In terms of children, I also believe my children will be meat eaters (not to the extent most children are), mainly because my husband undoubtedly will still be a meat eater, and in their lives much like I have made the decision to stop eating meat they may as well. :)

My children are meat-eaters but its a rarity. They know where it comes from. My oldest doesn't eat eggs after she found out why they exist. On hot dog night they eat a nitrate-free one and a veggie dog topped with vegetarian chile.

Honestly, I would rather not. I think it would complicate things for me a little bit. Luckily, the moment I decided to become vegetarian, my boyfriend of over a year decided that he would do it with me. (: So, that was really sweet.

I'm dating a guy who is a meat eater and I don't have any friends who are vegetarian.  It's hard sometimes, especially since they all like to get together and talk about food which usually contains meat.  He doesn't mind eating the veggie stuff, like Morningstar, but I can't get him to give up meat.  

Married to an omnivore. I ate a little meat when we met/dated/married but I've always been a health fanatic so I wasn't a steak and potatoes kind of person to begin with. He supports me in my decision and puts up with a lot of vegetarian meals since I do the cooking. I try to add meat a few times a week to his dinner but it has become a 'side dish" to him instead of the "main course" and that is a huge improvement for his health, our budget, and the environment. 

Oh yes, alas.. and a Smoker...

Luckily doesn´t force me to change nor comments..but thinking what would it be with non-meat eater..and non-smoker...

I've been dating a meat eater for two years, for awhile he was also vegetarian because he wanted to support me and try it out. It's hard for him because he's in the military, he wants to try it again when he comes home from deployment. it also helps that one of his best friends is Vegan lol


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