Hi.. I am just curious, do you date a meat eater?

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I used to date with a meat eater, 6 months right after I turned to be a veg, lucky me , he broke me up cause he might thought that I'm a weird.

but the best thing is I deserve for the good one, the one that can't stand to eat the animals. as he thinks that we're all same creatures that can feel pain, hurt, and wound.

Only if they would change to being vege ASAP its like a smoker - no deal unless they quit I'd rather stay alone knowing that I am making a difference to my animal friends lives!  (sorry no offence to meat-eaters or smokers its a personal choice).

I don't think it would be a big problem but I'm interested in vegetarians that why I'm here

I'm in a relationship with a "meat-eater". We've been together for over 6years now and him eating meat doesn't bother me that much. We have different opinions in that matter and I respect his opinion as he respects mine.

I never dated a vegetarian, and for me dating meat eaters is no problem as long as they respect my choice. :)
I have some veg friends but I'm not interested in them, I mean, not in that way. 

I've always dated meat eaters but luckily now I'm with a pescetarian (fish). Close enough!

My husband and I had both been meat-eaters when we met each other. I became a Vegetarian some years ago and recently my partner became a Vegetarian as well. It's good because I have someone to defend me now when the family starts bashing about Veggies again ;)

I was married to an omnivore. She liked seafood more than meat. It was a bit diffiult for me. Sometimes when kissing I got some prawny aftertaste, yuck :(  And going out together for dinner was not easy.  We divorced but there were other reasons for that.  After that I found a vegan date online. I traveled to see her and we spent about 2 months together in her cvountry. We were both vegans but unfortunately not compatible in other ways so we split up. That was a very sad and terrible experience. Still haven't got over it fully. 

I still wish I could find a vegan love, but am quite pessimistic about it. There are so few of us, so that it's not very likely to find a match amongst vego's, but you never know. Just have to keep trying and get to know vegans and vegetarians from all over the world :) 

I do! well as a matter of fact im engaged to one. and hes really cool about it! he even likes me morningstar chick-n things. and he makes vegan stirfry for me all the time..... im the chef in the house so i cook everything ( yes even meat) but no one makes me eat it and i feel bad about it but my family has to eat.

I am married to a meat eater and Im vegetarian(Veganish). Luckly my sister in law is also vegetarian which makes meals with his family easier. Its really hard to find another vegetarian. Just find someone who is open minded and willing to eat/cook vegetarian meals as well. Ive had guys I dated end the relationship when they found out I was a vegetarian. Its who I am and Im not willing to compromise on the issue.You can make it work with the right person.

NO animal products in the house!

I'd date a meat eater..I mean they are still human after all adn they have their own choices to make..I don't mind cooking for a meat eat because I already cook for myself....so it's okay to date one..there is absolutely nothing wrong, in fact maybe them seeing how well you take to being a vegetarian could alter there motives and maybe one day they'd join you :)


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