Hi.. I am just curious, do you date a meat eater?

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I am married to a meat eater but would say that I "date" many meat eaters, as in we go out to dinner a lot, and I am the only vegetarian (lacto-ovo).  Married fourteen years, I have been a vegetarian for seven, and so our marriage went through a transition because so much of our lives are shopping, preparing, and eating food. Friends have been understanding for the most part tolerating and even trying my vegetarian fare, but we've just been invited to a famous Chicago restaurant to celebrate a friend's 50th -- Girl and the Goat. Imagine a head of a pig sitting at a table next to you or the leg of a goat sprawled across a plate across from you. I can eat the warmed marinated olives or the kohlrabi salad or the wood grilled broccoli, but what about context?  I don't think our friends are being intentionally inconsiderate of my values, but I do think this is one time that I have to decline on principle.. I have never been a vegetarian who preaches. Perhaps, however, I have been too quiet about my values if I am being invited to a "date night" with an animal in the name. 

I do. But when he cooks for both of us he cooks vegetarian dishes. And I would never cook meat so he only eats meat when he is by himself or with other people. He really understands my reasons and agrees with me, but I think it's a matter of "society pressure" and he's not so willing to be hungry to prove his point as I am.

My boyfriend eats a lot of animal products and takes whey protein powder after workouts despite all the information I have gained, he will not listen to any of it. We are breaking up now and my being a vegan is a very large part of it, as I want to raise future children as vegan as well. He gets very defensive and angry (that's another reason).

I'm in a relationship with a meat-eater who is good enough to prepare completely vegan dish when he cooks for us.

my boyfriend eats meat... 

Most of us have been meat eaters before we became vegetarians. 

I became vegetarian a year ago and my husband still eats meat but only 2 or 3 times a week. I am okay with this. His cholesterol is down a lot and we both start loosing weight. He is very tolerant and doesn't mind that I am vegetarian and won't prepare meat for him. If he wants it, he prepares it himself.

Im currently single but I dont want to.

I am engaged to a meat eater. He has stopped eating meat except when he gets takeaway without me asking or persuading him to do so. He just saw how compassionate I was and how much it upset me to see animals killed unnecessarily. I think he does it mostly for me but that's still better than eating it for every meal like he used to.


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