And by cheating I mean, that sushi looks really amazing but I am reading the ingredients and there is sugar in the rice and it is definitely white sugar... I'm serious though- as far as that is concerned, what do you guys think? Or do you ever go out to dinner with family and get a creamy sauce just once in a blue moon? Last night, I broke down and went out to dinner with family- they effing went to Texas Road House, it literally does not get any more disgusting than that place. I did not eat anything there except a house salad with no eggs or cheese (just to be clear) but everyone around me ate meat. Except for my bf, he ate apple pie :P We had already eaten dinner. It is really freakin' hard to be vegan in the area I live in i'll tell you what. Basically I eat Panera when I go out, or a salad. Then I get made fun of and my boy friend gets made fun of for eating salads and I am basically just a walking, breathing billboard for the stereotype that vegs eat salads every meal of every day. FML. So yeah, back to the title... what do you think?

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I think you shouldn't let them get you upset.  One of my favorite things in the world before I went vegetarian (still working on Vegan!!!) was cooking BBQ (specifically ribs).  I was known among family and friends as the rib king, and I was always talking about it and wanting to make them better.  When I made my change and realized what I was doing, it was upsetting to see how distraught they were to know I was not going to cook those ribs ever again.  Of course I got made fun of and felt like what I was doing was wrong, but I didn't let it get to me, because first off, as a health care professional, I was killing them by not just feeding them red meat, but all of the other stuff in the rub, sauces, and everything else that went along with it.  Long story short, after the ending period of grief many of them have grown to accept it because I've educated them.  I think the main problem people who go vegetarian/vegan have is that the "YOU"RE SO DISGUSTING FOR EATING MEA, THINK OF THE ANIMALS" argument is extremely invalid.  I know many people choose this lifestyle for non violent treatment of animals, but for me, I chose it for health reasons.  There is an astounding amount of research dedicated towards the benefits of whole food, plant based diets (aka vegan diets).  Take a look at "The China Study", and take a look at the impact this diet actually has on the body.  SO I think instead of just telling people that you are vegan, have them understand: 1) There are WAY more benefits of being vegan/vegetarian to your diet than ingesting all of that BBQ'd meat (there are other ways they can get their protein, dont worry)  2) Challenge them, see if they can go at least one week according to your diets.  In a week their taste buds will change and they will long forget what they used to eat.  Good Luck!

This is so true Steve, except the people that I deal with on a regular basis have a counter-argument that they firmly believe in for literally everything I say, or they may admit that I am right but could really care less. It is horrible! The biggest one I hear is, "well i'm gonna get cancer anyway." Really...? Why not prevent it and take care of your body...? I commend you for being the King of Veg instead of the ribs! :) By the way I really don't tell people they are disgusting for eating meat, but when people shove it in my face to tease me- I feel bad for them. They honestly disgust me and I can't help that. 

Only time I really cheated was when I was really sick and couldnt hold anything down. My doctor recommended chicken broth, crackers, and gatorade. Without thinking about it, I bought several boxes of broth, crackers, and gatorade. Totally did not think of it actually coming from a chicken. Idk guess I was so dehydrated from vomitting, it did not occur to me. Still have some left over and if I cant give it away, I will use it before I waste it. I feel that I already bought it and if I dont use it somehow, that will be two wrongs.

That is an interesting thought. I know that I can always give things away so I don't really have that problem! ;) I think its more of a conscience thing, like I see this sushi- it looks so good, oh damn- sugar... i'm going to pretend this one time that I don't see this... :P Idk i'm just saying ya know?! Like it gets so hard sometimes, I don't eat anything I think may have sugar unless I make it of course. I'm kinda new at this, vegetarian for half of a year and already i'm going vegan. I don't eat cheese or eggs by choice (obviously) but i'm also like turned off at times, I do miss feta and fresh mozzarella though... my goodness. 

Im curious, whats with the sugar? I know why I try to stay away from it, but it has nothing to do with being a vegetarian. Kudo on goin vegan btw. Im trying to cut back dairy but no desire to really go vegan.. I love honey, lol

White sugar is not vegetarian. It is processed through animal bone char. And thanks! :) 

Hmmm. I need to look that up. Never heard of that before. I know refined anything is bad for u though. Nd corn syrup. Thats y I try to eliminate breads and grains, but thats harder than eliminating meat! Sugar is in freakin everything. Or at least some refined product..
Wait a minute Nicole. You said Texas Roadhouse? Where is there one of those in NJ? I never seen one until I moved out here.

Lol it is actually over in PA, but it's like 20 minutes from me. Like Easton area. There is also a Logan's roadhouse (basically the same thing) over on 22 by Airport rd. in Bethlehem/Allentown area.

I want to say I wish that would work, and I am more than happy to try it but these people are so stuck in their ways. I would definitely get made fun of and they would probably hate the meal. We had my boy friends one brother over for dinner one time (before I became veg) and I made this delicious fish meal with quinoa and some vegetable or something, and he told everyone that we eat weird and now he knows to eat at our house anymore. Those are the kind of people i'm dealing with. They don't care, not one bit. 

Yeah, well they are mostly children anyway. I don't how I got the good brother lol. And I am serious, like I said up top (I think) we went out the other night and the other brother shoved meat in my face on his fork, like get the f away from me. And to be honest, a lot of people are like that around me. It is so hopeless. But alas, I know for myself and my man that we are doing the right things for ourselves and our bodies :) And the animals! <3


have you tried to say u're on a diet or that at least, u won't get fat, get cholesterol or another disease with what u eat ?


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