And by cheating I mean, that sushi looks really amazing but I am reading the ingredients and there is sugar in the rice and it is definitely white sugar... I'm serious though- as far as that is concerned, what do you guys think? Or do you ever go out to dinner with family and get a creamy sauce just once in a blue moon? Last night, I broke down and went out to dinner with family- they effing went to Texas Road House, it literally does not get any more disgusting than that place. I did not eat anything there except a house salad with no eggs or cheese (just to be clear) but everyone around me ate meat. Except for my bf, he ate apple pie :P We had already eaten dinner. It is really freakin' hard to be vegan in the area I live in i'll tell you what. Basically I eat Panera when I go out, or a salad. Then I get made fun of and my boy friend gets made fun of for eating salads and I am basically just a walking, breathing billboard for the stereotype that vegs eat salads every meal of every day. FML. So yeah, back to the title... what do you think?

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Yes I actually have! To newer people lol obviously my family members know me. But I would rather get the word out about the ethical side, the health benefits are just a plus! :) But you're right, and I have done that. I still get bullied though, the best I heard was that I don't get enough animal protein -_-  WTF. I'm just so tired of arguing about it, because that is exactly what it turns into. An argument. People think they are right when really their wrong, and i'm obviously not simply saying that, ya know? It's factual. They just don't care and they don't believe in themselves to do the right thing either. 

Never. I'd rather be ridiculed than cross over to please folks, friends and frenemies alike. I don't want dead creatures on my conscience ever again. 

I feel the same way honestly! And the ridicule does happen, every time! Lol :P 

If I go out to eat I do my best to make my meal vegan. If I can't then I just go with the flow( this has only happened once because I did not know that dairy was used in a dish). I have ordered pizza with no cheese. I love the looks on peoples faces. It bothers me a little but I just remind myself that not being a part of the problem and the cruelty caused by meat industry is worth it. Peace and hug a pig if you can.

So funny that you mentioned that, the other day I was having such a bad day and when you are having a bad day and you order food you are like omg, I can't wait for this it is going to be so good! So I ordered a gluten-free personal pizza the guy asked me what toppings I wanted, I told him a few different kinds of veggies and no sauce. So I got to pick it up, and i'm like no cheese right? He blamed me for not specifying properly, also the pizza was going to be 15 dollars!!! I was like ya know what eff you i'm outta here. I didn't say that but I was really upset not only did I not get the pizza but I was blamed for the whole mistake. I wasn't trying to be bratty it was just the day lol


I hope people are understanding that I mostly mean the sugar part... not cheating and eating meat or even really cheese/eggs. 

to cheating... No ;p whatever you take it

No I dont cheat. Because every time I  see meat or chicken I look at that  and  I  remember that it once was a living animal and there is no way I can eat it.  I mean its one thing to make a slip up and eat a piece of cheese  by not noticing the ingredients on the label, but to go and say I messed up and ate meat. That is a hypocrite in my book,  Also meat eaters will stand up for there beliefs so vegetarians and vegans need to start doing the same.

You need to learn how to cook for your self, you seem to have access  to internet, there are tons of recipes on there, Vegetarians and vegans are not just limited  too salads. You need to make some afford. 

I count white sugar as vegetarian, just not vegan. I only cheated once in 5 years of being a vegetarian. I ate one gummy candy. another time I got really sick because I went cold turkey and my mom got me to eat chicken to see if I felt better. I didn't. I don't count that as cheating because I didn't want to do it.

I think it depends on the person and what stage they are at in their veg journey as to whether they "cheat" or not.

As a beginner vegan I didn't know exactly how bad the dairy industry was. I also have a big sweet tooth and didn't know how to make vegan desserts. So I was what I call a Flexy vegan (vegan except on a special occasion like my birthday). And I believe that that is a good way to go vegan, gradually change as you learn more about how to be vegan.

Now I have more knowledge of how to make yummy sweets that are vegan and naturally sweetened and I know what happens to the animals and my health so it is much easier to be 100% vegan (minus accidental things like waiters telling you that is something is vegan but then finding out it has fish sauce in it or something) :)


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