Do you get this question: "Why do fake meat products look like the real thing?"

An ex friend of mine who is a chef posed the question to me once..."I've always wondered why if meat was so bad, why do they try to make veggie burgers and veggie dogs look like the real thing." At the time, I didn't have a response for him, except it's an aesthetic choice to make eating veggie foods more appealing to people who are crossing over.

But after much thought, I realized even MEAT doesn't look like a burger or frank before it's processed. With the exception of steaks and on-bone meats, almost all meat products are processed. Additionally, I've seen very few texturized proteins designed to look like actual strips of beef, pork or poultry, but once again, no bones.

With "Pink Slime" in processed hamburger, ground up feathers and bones in pre-processed chicken nuggets, not to mention the notorious bi-products in almost all franks, sausages, lunch meats, etc., this discussion is entirely moot.

Even if you consider "choice cuts", almost all proteins are processed according to taste and texture.

So if you ever got this question, what was YOUR answer?

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A part of a real convert will disgust him or her on the thought of consuming meat. Nothing should look like meat.

To be honest, even if I don't eat meat or milk or cheese replacements, I don't judge those who do. It's admirable that people who really like eating meat, try at least to change the real products with something that is not so harmful for the animals. And I feel the same with fake leather. 

Why do fake meat products look like the real thing ? really does it, the meat eaters I know believe that 'fake meat' tastes or looks nothing like real meat. Thats fine.. so why do we have 'fake meats' because there is a market and some of us do like how it tastes. Why does 'fake meat' look like 'real meat' ask the person who sold millions of horse burgers and the people that ate them thinking they were beef burgers.

I like 'fake meats' because there easy to stick in a sandwich, easy to take away in a snack, easy to take out of the freezer and quickly make. Just like the burgers and other convience foods a meat eater can eat. The difference its not cruel and healthy. Invite anyone who says this to do a 'meatless monday' for thier health and for the planet and most importantly for the animals. 'fake meat' or none. :)

I've made vegan food with fake meat for potlucks at work and didn't tell them, people scarfed it and then I told them it was vegan.  They were interested in learning more and it helps to show that there is a lot of different tasting food that we can eat. 

I was raised with meat at  most  meals so my taste buds are tuned to that, the visual as important as the taste.  It is important for those of us working on being vegetarian or vegan get some props along the way. 

I explain that the flavor of meat is not the reason I gave it up. Just can't do without my Tofurkey Italian sausage with sun-dried tomatoes and basil.

If it helps people transition over who maybe wouldn't do it then great.  There are a lot of body changes and awareness that starts happening after you give up all animal products, the first step is important.  Then when people realize it is the right thing to do and good for your health too they can eat other things if they want to.  I know a lot of people interested in going vegan but they need help in changing their lifestyle.  We should help them. 

The shape helps them to fit on the bun....or in the tortilla....


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