Hey guys, I was wondering what everybody's thoughts were on this issue. Obviously, we want to be concerned with how we treat (non-human) animals in so far as our actions affect their well-being. At the same time, however, we have an obligation towards our own species as well. World hunger and starvation is clearly a prevalent issue in the world today and is something we should all act out against.

Of course, perhaps you can anticipate the problem I'm about to raise. Many of the non-profit organizations that i know of feed the hungry with meat - often from factory farms (which bring in a whole other host of issues with the environment, antibiotics, etc.). While i have found some vegan organizations that fight world hunger, these seem to be far away, making it only possible for me to donate money to them. As one who enjoys volunteering my time, i find that the main options I have are with organizations that seek to feed the world through means that I am not entirely in agreement with. I don't feel the charities are at fault since it seems they really only take what is donated to them (and if they get donated steak, why wouldn't they make that available to starving people? They're just the middle man).

In the light of all these (and i'm sure there are other) issues, what are your thoughts on how vegans/vegetarians are to go about fighting world hunger? Would you volunteer at a charity that fed others with meat, or would you strictly support only vegetarian/vegan charities? Any other relevant thoughts are welcome as well!

***Note, I am aware that, generally speaking, more food can be produced on a vegetarian diet; however, that's not the issue i'm after. Its more that, given the fact that so much meat is being produced and is being donated to organizations who really will accept any edible food they can get to feed the poor, is involvement in these organizations acceptable?

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