A carrot, An apple , & a beet root are all the ingredients supposed to be in the "Miracle Drink"  to cure cancer. Do you think that if all the people in the world ate raw fruits & veggies they wouldn't get Diseases?

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I think it's likely you would see a sharp decline in just about all non-communicable diseases. 

i think they would help prevent, but what i would like to add is a have a young daughter, and i find out they market alot of glitter to girls or women or nail polish even. with the glitter you can just touch it and it is now transmitted to your finger tips, these kids are now eating and inhaling it, same concept for nailpolish it chips and flakes and you women consume it.

So true!

Before I became a vegetarian and now vegan I lives a very unhealthy lifestyle. I suffer from diabetes II and obesity. I went green 2 years ago. I have since lost 135 pounds(no a diet a life style change with a pleasent side effect) and I have managed to bring my blood sugars into a normal range. I was on 7 medication for a variety of ills and now I am on 2. So I am living proof that yes  fruits and vegetables can help and cure some ills. I went green for health reasons and I went vegan because I have compassion for ALL life.

Wheatgrass juice that you can make yourself very cheaply and then staying on a raw foods diet has been known to shrink tumors to nothing.  Anne Whigmore's books is the main book on that subject.  I think they have a spa in Boston that subscribes to her philosophy and has helped many people.


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