For those who don't know, gelatin is extracted from animal bones. Therefore, it certainly isn't vegan. It's found in many things like gummy candies, jello, pudding, marshmallows, etc. Anyway, my vegetarian friends and I were arguing as to whether it is acceptable for vegetarians to eat gelatin. Do you think it is? I don't think it is. I used to eat gummy worms a lot before I heard this, now I don't anymore. So I guess it's a good thing I heard this, no? Now I can even more healthier. Heheh.

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As gelatin (or gelatine) is an animal by-product that the animal has to die in order for it to be produced, it is not vegetarian. A proper vegetarian might choose to eat or use animal by-products in which the animal does not have to be slaughtered to make, eg. milk, eggs, honey or wear wool. (I have studied how sheep's wool is made, and it is possible to do it in a humane manner. Also, if sheep are not shaved for a very long time, eg for over 3 years, the wool can become so heavy on them that they cannot walk easily and suffer for it. I have seen this happen) humanely produced wool is suitable for vegetarians.  

According to the British vegetarian society, the vegan society and several other organisations it is not vegetarian. Yet, I have met many people who claim to have been vegetarian for 10+ years and they still eat gelatin, in the same way that others call themselves vegetarian and eat fish (pescatarians)  I have found that those individuals take vegetarianism to mean not eat meat, but yet don't count the fat off meat (as that also goes into gelatine) as being a meat by-product. These people also use leather (which is also not vegetarian) 

In my mind, it is never acceptable to eat gelatine and call yourself vegetarian. Gelatine eaters are not vegetarians, they are simply on a no meat diet. 

It's not vegetarian because it's taken from a dead animal. It's an animal part.

I have heard of vegetarian gelatin, but I'm not sure what that is or where to find it.

There is no such thing as vegetarian gelatin. Gelatin, both legally and chemically, are strictly animal products.

I think you are thinking of a gel-like substance in general though. You can use agar and a few other plant-based sources.

Here are a couple sources:  (this page has been down lately, but later on you might want to check on it again)  (this one is pretty much just the science behind gelatin)  (vegetarian and vegan alternatives to gelatin)

Often it's pektin which mostly is gain out of apples. It's a natural substance that is in many fruits - we use it for marmalade or you can make gummibears with it ;)

Oh my. That sounds delicious. I need some pectin worms :)

As a vegetarian I will not eat gelatin.  It amazes me how much stuff uses it. There are vegetarian alternatives to gelatin and I have even had some luck in finding vegetarian gel caps.

This is where gelatin comes from.... I wonder if people could still eat gelatin after knowing this fact....



New Sour Patch Kid idea: Carcass Marcus (not to be confused with his hippie cousin, Pectin Penny)

Of course it is not acceptable. Only the agar-agar one ;)

Yap and tastes the same!


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