For those who don't know, gelatin is extracted from animal bones. Therefore, it certainly isn't vegan. It's found in many things like gummy candies, jello, pudding, marshmallows, etc. Anyway, my vegetarian friends and I were arguing as to whether it is acceptable for vegetarians to eat gelatin. Do you think it is? I don't think it is. I used to eat gummy worms a lot before I heard this, now I don't anymore. So I guess it's a good thing I heard this, no? Now I can even more healthier. Heheh.

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Gelatin, true gelatin, is boiled off the joints and bones of dead animals. It may be less identifiable as meat in that form, but so is lard. So, do they eat lard?
Made of dead animal parts is not vegetarian, regardless of what one calls it, and folks who eat it are not completely vegetarians, whatever they call themselves.
Sometimes the veg life is inconvenient. You have to find out what is in things and do things differently. But if being vegetarian is less than such a real commitment, then one is only a vegetarian when it doesn't require too much of a change in habit, and that is not a vegetarian at all, only someone who likes vegetables.

You can get a veggie version of gelatin. Also some companies make gelatin free jelly sweets

hell no!! not acceptable!!

Not Acceptable!!  Gelatin is also heavily used in capsules for vitamins and herbs - you have to look for vegetarian capsules.  Also, I believe that gelatin is used in most processing of WINE - this was new to me this year.  BBBAAAHHHWWWAAAHH.  But there are plenty of wines and spirits that are vegetarian.

The wine/alcohol issue should probably be a new topic of discussion.  If anyone is interested, I will open one up with a link to a website where you can find out which alcohol is vegetarian or vegan and which are not.

No, it is not acceptable. Besides, it is just part of unhealthy processed foods which are better avoided anyway.

Hi, I think there's some confusion. I've been a vegetarian for a few years, and I'm also a biochem major. It's true that originally, gelatin was extracted from animal fat, more frequently the lard of pigs. And yes, pigs and other animals are slaughtered for this. This gelatin is not only used in the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry. To make the cover of capsules, and other tablets. However, because the procedure is industrially expensive and inefficient, people(businesses) have found a way to produce synthetic gelatin(tastes the same, works the same), by using microorganisms. Much like the way that insulin is made. So, i guess the vegan-gelatin you are talking about is the one that is made using biotech engineering and bacteria.  

Interesting ... does not come from lard, that would be a lipid, this stuff (gelatin) is from collagen and traditionally comes from boiled bones ... horse, cow are best 'cos they have large leg bones, but pig bones will do, this is worth a read:

 What is gelatin made of?

"So, i guess the vegan-gelatin you are talking about is the one that is made using biotech engineering and bacteria."
No. Vegan gelatin is typically made from agar-agar (an algae extract), carrageenan (from a red seaweed) or guar gum (from guar beans). It is also possible to use cooked starches to form a gel; the Japanese do this with Kudzu starch all the time in traditional dishes. All these are natural plant sources, not biotech products.
Kosher gelatin is most often made from fish byproducts, so OK for Piscetarians but not for strict Vegetarians or Vegans.
Vegetarian capsules can be made from several things but are most likely to be methylcellulose, from chemically treated plant cellulose.

Read ingredients, look for the sources.

Is gelatin in Ice cream?

No, but in some juice sorts.. :/

Some of them, yes. But also scan the ingredients for "mono- and di-glycerides" which are saturated fat and are almost cerrtainly refined lard unless it brags on them being from veg sources. That is in MOST ice creams except a few high-end ones.


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