For those who don't know, gelatin is extracted from animal bones. Therefore, it certainly isn't vegan. It's found in many things like gummy candies, jello, pudding, marshmallows, etc. Anyway, my vegetarian friends and I were arguing as to whether it is acceptable for vegetarians to eat gelatin. Do you think it is? I don't think it is. I used to eat gummy worms a lot before I heard this, now I don't anymore. So I guess it's a good thing I heard this, no? Now I can even more healthier. Heheh.

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I don't eat it anymore either, but I love the brand "Dandies" for marshmallows to use in smores and hot chocolate and "Tasty Brand" for natural fruit gummies!  "Tasty Brand" also has vegan cookies. :9


I don't think that eating gelatin is vegetarian by no means. Though it is an animal by-product, the animal has to be harmed/killed in order to extract the gelatin. Therefore, I wouldn't classify it as vegetarian. 

no not at all , its not acceptable .


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