For those who don't know, gelatin is extracted from animal bones. Therefore, it certainly isn't vegan. It's found in many things like gummy candies, jello, pudding, marshmallows, etc. Anyway, my vegetarian friends and I were arguing as to whether it is acceptable for vegetarians to eat gelatin. Do you think it is? I don't think it is. I used to eat gummy worms a lot before I heard this, now I don't anymore. So I guess it's a good thing I heard this, no? Now I can even more healthier. Heheh.

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Gelatin is not acceptable. You also have to be careful about nutritional supplements and medicines that come in capsules because most capsules are made from gelatin.


"It's not vegetarian because it's taken from a dead animal. It's an animal part.

I have heard of vegetarian gelatin, but I'm not sure what that is or where to find it."

I totally agree with you Ryan!
You may be talking about Agar-agar*, its a substance made of algae used as gelatin, you can easily find it on vegan stores or related places, its 100% veg. 

* The name is in Portuguese, i couldn't find the translation but i think its the same word in english.

I wasn't talking about agar-agar, but I think the person I heard about vegetarian gelatin from was either confused or talking about agar-agar. Can't eat it anyway though. And yes, that's the English word as well.

I took gelatin out of my food list when I became vegetarian. Animal bones is a no no for me.

But Sour Patch Kids candies have no gelatin and are completely vegan. :)
but they are filled with GMO's and petroleum based products. Funny u posted this just now cuz I just posted an article about it on my FB,.LOL.
Plus it says natural flavors on the ingedient list. Natural flavors covers a whole lot of possibilities including beaver butt juice. its a "blanket" name on the ingredient list.

If you market beaver butt juice in the right way and give it a pretty name the masses will buy it :D

they already do. its called natural flavors. thats why if u dont know exactly what something is, dont get it.


What!? NO!

Bones aren't vegetarian. ;)


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