Do you think using waste meat to feed poor people perpetuates meat eating?

Vegan and vegetarian friends, these are my questions for you: We live in a meatcentric society, so we are producing a lot of meat and much of it is being thrown away. There are also people starving, even in developed countries like the United States. What is worse, to use the waste meat to feed starving people or just to throw it away and let it rot? Do you think using waste meat to feed people perpetuates this meatcentric system? Or would you rather see people go hungry and an animal die for no reason at all?

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I always struggle with the thoughts of waste when my family invites me over for dinner or my wife buys meat and cooks it for dinner. I don't want the meat to be wasted so I eat it but I don't support it myself. You realise how much food is wasted when it goes bad? I hope the give it to the food pantry's but I think most do one would think? 

is it labeled as to whether it was killed or not? do you let people know if the other food is vegan or not?
are you helping traffic disinformation between the buyer and seller?
probably does promote it. if it rotted a little would it change anything? ya got me:-P :-(.

my name is entityfree. i think money disconnects people from reality.  my point is, i dont think a lot of people are doing things with the conscious intention of feeding people. consumers too. at some point one has to stop, guess was thinking about smoking. also you feel bad, but how about the houseless? i mean how do they sincerely think regarding the situation. they all are not stupid.  they are just evil. :-p lol. evil homeless people.

are the food shelf people vegan, are they all carnivores or your regular houseless/homeless vegans? :-p :-|


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