I've been a vegetarian for about 15 years and have been slowly trying to transition into veganism recently. My dogs are on a raw meat diet because I do not believe in feeding them the normal pet food. Has anyone ever fed their dogs a vegan or vegetarian diet? How did that work out for you? I'd love to put mine on one but I don't want to risk their health. Dogs are naturally carnivores, unlike humans so I am torn on it. 

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I haven't... but I have heard many times about how dogs can survive very healthily on a completely vegan diet. (cats on the other hand cannot)... so... go for it =D

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Both my dog and cats eat some cooked vegetables, the cats love gem-squash! however I feel they both need meat

great post, Trevor. Thanks!

I also asked two vets about geting my cats on a vegetarian diet (with packed dry food), and both were strongly against it. I even got one of the vets the nutricional information of the veggie food, and even though the protein content was similar, she advised me against it.

Best regards.

I have two rescue dogs aged 15 years and 10 yrs and though I'm a vegetarian, my dogs are actually on the raw meat diet. It was never my intention to do so but Polly who I picked up from the pound  ayear ago had a mouth full of jet black teeth. The vet said that he was reluctant to give her a general anaesthetic for such a long op as it could kill her. She is also blind in one eye, completely deaf and has senile dementia. Another friend who is in rescue suggested a raw diet and that is how it started. The kibble they were on always gave them the worst stomach so it was a welcome change when I could see they were thriving on it. Polly's teeth are now completely white and the vet says both girls are a picture of health and he supports the raw diet. I go to the butchers for their meaty bones, so basically i get the bits that people don't buy.I have battled with it though especially early on....but I have to say that their health makes me feel better. I think if I was going to the butchers and buying whole chickens then I would have a huge issue with it....but I don't. Some dogs I know, especially the larger breeds love vegetables...I think each dog's medical history needs to be assessed before putting them on a vegan/veg diet and the same applies to the raw meat diet too.


 I totally understand the struggle because i have been feeding raw yet I don't eat it myself or condone killing animals. Most of the meat I get for mine I get from organic and free range farms that are local. My dogs breath stays so fresh on the raw diet and they love the variety that I get for them.

Recently I read about a dog that lived to be 28 by living on a diet of lentils, rice, and organic vegetables. I'm thinking that I will try doing an every other day meat diet and add in beans and veggies on the other days. Thanks for the reply I appreciate the advice. 

Both my dogs eat raw veggies. I do give them dog food, but the prefer veggies

I have a vegetarian dog of 10 years. I feed her Nature's Recipe vegetarian dog food and i mix it (at night meal) with hot rolled oats and pre cooked lentils. she loves it. the oats and lentils help to offset the expensive dog food.

can u share some tips for dogs. Please

Hey Derek Glidewell i was reading about  Avoderm canned dog food and their dog food contains either chicken or salmon, and they're both meat, so your dog cannot be consider vegetarian at all

okay, if you click on the menu it will show you dry dog food ingredients...the ingredients include animals like chicken and salmon to make the dry and other canned dog foods. The can you displayed does not. :) Im gonna go get some. Thanks!

Right now, my dogs are vegan. I let them eat the cat's left overs sometimes though.


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