I've been a vegetarian for about 15 years and have been slowly trying to transition into veganism recently. My dogs are on a raw meat diet because I do not believe in feeding them the normal pet food. Has anyone ever fed their dogs a vegan or vegetarian diet? How did that work out for you? I'd love to put mine on one but I don't want to risk their health. Dogs are naturally carnivores, unlike humans so I am torn on it. 

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I would love for kitty Arwen Evenstar to be on at least a vegetarian diet, but her doc is against it.

Looking at vegetarian/vegan cat foods online, the sad truth is that the cost is simply prohibitive.

I've never personally looked into it, but I feel like since dogs are carnivorous, it might not be a good idea. 

both my dogs love to eat fruit and vegetables such as carrots. still, they eat meat.

We all have nutritional requirements - it doesn't matter how they are met, only that they are. Neither dogs nor humans need to acquire nutrients through meat in order to be healthy.


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