Does anyone here having trouble to find your partner while being a vegetarian/vegan?

 I'm currently a college student I'm intent to looking for a girlfriend rightnow. I just wonder sometimes in the future I'm looking for one I would love to have a vegan partner, but I'm not a picky you know as long as both have same goal.

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My boyfriend still eats meat, but he is so picky and loves my food so much that I hardly notice that he does consume any. Honestly, if it weren't for bacon & fish, I think he might actually be a vegetarian- lol :-D

It can be frustrating though trying to find restaurants were I can eat something besides just a boring salad every time, but he is really good about making sure I get the food I need to feel nourished and satisfied. Honestly, I have come to appreciate his diet because he tries to eat what I eat so often that it almost goes unnoticed that he even consumes meat & milk. I am still trying to get him to eat even more veggies and less of the other animal products he consumes but I don't want to seem like I am giving him an ultimatum, so I can understand were other half-vegetarian/vegan couples have conflicts in this area. My best advice to those trying to get their partners in the kitchen is to have them help cook up food with you! Veggie pot-stickers, pasta dishes, roasted veggie kabobs on the grill are all great ways to start :o) My boyfriend loves helping chop up the fruits and veggies, especially pineapples!

Your boyfriend really understands your point and you both are respect each other's diet.  Being vegan is disadvantage on everything, but it won't stop me from being a vegan, it'ss okay if I can't find a partner I'll let come naturally therefore I don't need to waste my time to looking for the right one let the fate decided, I know some couples are just arguing over eating habit and that's doesn't make sense at all. Your boyfriend seems to be get in to it yep veggie bussiness =)) you know its good to have someone who share common goal.


Exactly! So far, its mainly girls who are vegans but not guys. Respect is of utmost importance. If 2 people are in a relationship, they must sharing a common viewpoint, otherwise it can lead to friction in a relationship. And one turning vegan because of the other may not be good too, because it can be a point of argument if a quarrel ever arises between the pair. It must all come from within. Cheers.

I completely agree! You have to support your partner in what they enjoy, because they'll support you with what you enjoy. 

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. I just recently made the switch over to vegan after three years of being vegetarian. Though he does not really understand why, he tolerates and supports my choice.  I can promise you, if she does not respect you being vegan, she is not even worth the trouble. 

It is VERY hard! Best bet... hanging out at a Whole Foods is a good start Lol or animal protests

Why respond to an old post?? Because this is very true! Many a times I've met veg guys at Whole Foods. It can be kind of creepy though. You can feel their eyes as you reach for the tofu or they may just peer into your basket and strike up a conversation on Tofurkey. Nevertheless, it's good fun. I'd rather meet guys at Whole Foods than at a bar =) 

Yes the challenge is finding a partner who also is a vegetarian/vegan. I rather be single than be with a meat eater because I choose not to eat animals because I love them and feel like a hypocrite being with someone who participates in their slaughter.

I feel the same here I can't even stand the meat-eaters, I rather than live free love what I do and do what I want. Nothing is perfect to find someone who is a vegan.


I Agree totally with Goddess Cindy :) theres absolutely no point in my mind that a Loving Relationship to be fully 'As One' togetherness can survive the beautiful journey of life TOGETHER if the other ½ is not on your wavelength ! to me i'd think them to be uneducated/stupid/ignorant, if this offends I'm not being rude, just pure fact, so whats the point, how can you kiss and share bodily smells and delights if he/she stinks of animal fats and acids, eeewww peace out all you lovely 'V' people -x- :)

Yup, glad to hear someone has that kind of discipline.. I too feel proud to wait for a Vegan partner.. 23 years proud. i became vegetarian at 18 and celibate at 20.


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