Does anyone here having trouble to find your partner while being a vegetarian/vegan?

 I'm currently a college student I'm intent to looking for a girlfriend rightnow. I just wonder sometimes in the future I'm looking for one I would love to have a vegan partner, but I'm not a picky you know as long as both have same goal.

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I am looking for vegetarian friends.

My partner eats meat, but it doesn't bother me. He's a really picky eater though and doesn't like a lot of foods. His favorite food is hamburgers though so I doubt he'll ever become vegetarian. lol Sometime when I get the chance I'm going to see if he'll try a veggie burger. :) It'd be nice having a vegetarian/vegan partner, but of course I'm not going to force him into anything.

Quang,  Living here in the Welsh mountains it is sometimes difficult to find anyone as it is sheep country. Some of the sheep are pretty but are terrible kissers. I think that wherever one lives one has to find and join the right type of group even if it is outside of one's immediate area.   Ivan

Veggie guys are rare :(

There are more than you might think or know about :)

Me and my partner are vegetarians. Let us say, he is a bit more vegan than i am. How ever he do eat eggs at times. But he do not eat to often diary product that i do. Anyways it is all about respecting eachother. If your partner can not respect you for being a vegan, then this person is not anyone to build your future with. Find someone who loves you for who you are and could not care less if you are vegan or not. :)

All seemed well when my last girlfriend (meateater) heard about me being vegan. It didn't seem to bother her. But eventually it became a problem for her, she didn't respect it enough and that led to some fights. Fair to say I'm kinda glad that's over, I wouldn't want a relationship without mutual respect.

I think as long as you respect the other persons views and they respect yours it's fine. This is the same in ALL kinds of relationships though, not just ones involving different diet choices.

I would never intimately involve myself with someone who hunts for fun, eats meat and fish with joy while animals are suffering in isolated cages with their offspring separated from them at a very early time and having their future meat or insides be chemically altered (which can make them feel worse), and someone that doesn't care that the dairy, meat, and fish industries are harming the environment with their pollutants in the air. The only reason why the meat, dairy, and fish industries are existing is because of enough profit. Which is a reason out of many reasons why I dislike most people. They would rather let suffering and death happen to let them live instead. They represent no peace but violence to me. Which is why I don't like carnivores, either. Some of you might think I am overly feeling things. I get it. But, this is how I am. Take it or leave it.

I am still in the University. I, however, do not have any plans of finding a partner. In fact, I have made no provision to get married.

From all indications, in this part of the world, vegetarians do not exist. If you do not eat meat like them, they become sympathetic and might even recommend a doctor.

Finding a partner here is no problem. once you own money, they will be available.

If I am to ever get married, it won't be anyone I know now.


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