Hello people so I'm asking this question because there are vegans /vegetarians that give their pets meat fish etc . I have a 1.6 year old Labrador that is vegetarian . And he is the best thing that happened to me ... He is the most beautiful dog ever . And we are happy that no animal has to suffer for him to be happy .. He gets mixed food vegan dog food that we order every 2 months and sometimes fresh vegetables ...
So back to the question What does your pet eat?

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Yeah, dogs do fine on a veggie diet because over the past 80,000 or so years with us, they have become omnivorous. Cats on the other hand are 95% carnivorous and need meat. I feed my cat regular cat food and occasionally fish if someone brings it over (I'm vegan). I rescued his lil' ass from the streets here in the city when he was 6 months old, he was almost at the point of death, just a skeleton with a fucked up leg, which is permanently fucked up. Where I live in the city he can't hunt, unfortunately, but I won't be here forever, just studying, so when I do move into my cabin in the mountains, I'm going to encourage him to hunt for his food, as I believe is the best thing a cat can do. That is after all how they came to be by our sides.

I have three rats , who are omnivores but I only feed them seeds, fruits and veggies. No meat at all, and they are super happy with their bananas :) they can become meaner too if they eat meat, so I really don't see a point. 

Yes they do. But u see its natural food for them. They dont really seem to be interested in eating vegs and fruits at all. At least my dogs dont eat veg. But this is something being a human being we can help. We are so much large in numbers. Human beings can do without eating meat. So we must try our utmost towards this direction.

That's what I believe.  As humans, we are members of one of the few species on Earth that can choose what they eat. Dogs and cats do not have that luxury. I LOVE my dog and and my cats, and will not try to make them into something they are not.

Hi Jessie - not sure about dogs but there was a case here recently in australia where a vegan couple rushed their cat to the vet because it was very very sick and the vet said it was due to the cat being on a vegan diet. There was talk that this was animal cruelty and cats should eat meat. I don't have a pet at the moment but I would have to consider what was best for the animal in deciding.

No, I have pet goats, Only real responsible pets for the future are those who have a small impact on the world.

It's a shark - so yes ;)

Sharks in Cornwall? hahaha this did make me chuckle

my dog eat vegetable with eggs

Keep up the good work jessie. Also bear in mind to treat your dog not as a pet but as friend with respect to his every living being right

Mine eats holistic dog food that doesn't use wheat. He's rather happy on it. 

If the food is wrong for him (not saying it is, I don't know) it won't show by happyness or sadiness but in long term health, possibly lifespan.


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