Hello people so I'm asking this question because there are vegans /vegetarians that give their pets meat fish etc . I have a 1.6 year old Labrador that is vegetarian . And he is the best thing that happened to me ... He is the most beautiful dog ever . And we are happy that no animal has to suffer for him to be happy .. He gets mixed food vegan dog food that we order every 2 months and sometimes fresh vegetables ...
So back to the question What does your pet eat?

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I switched my rats to a vegan hamster mix for ethical reasons a couple of years ago from a rat mix that contained chicken. My reasoning was that any detrimental effects to their health would not compare to the suffering inflicted on other animals for their sake. As it's turned out the only difference I've noticed has been a positive one.

Having been a keeper of rats for many years I had come to almost expect my females to develop tumours from about 18 months of age onwards as very few had not. However, since changing their diet I have not had a single incident of any lumps forming in my girls.

completely agree, even when my cat goes out and "hunts" all he brings back are leaves!

I have cats and as others have mentioned, they can't survive on a vegetarian diet. I make sure their diet is just as healthy as mine. I will admit, sometimes when I feed them I gag pretty bad

My cats eat a commercial cat food containing meat. My dogs eat a homecooked diet containing 90% regular meat, 10% organ meat, rice and a small amount of vegetables in proportion to veterinary recommendations, as well as eggs some times because I need the shells to give them to maintain the correct calcium/phosphoros levels. I am vegetarian but I don't have an inability to deal with nature or an inability to recognize that other animals systems are designed to eat meat. I adopted them and its up to me to do what's in their best interests, which includes not imposing what i choose for myself on them at their expense. Just how I do it and my opinion.

depends on what animal you have. dogs can manage on a vegie diet. but iv got cats and they are on standard meat cat food. as much as i disagree with the meat industry cats stomachs cant digest veg the way other animals can. they are coniverouse and do need meat to be healthy. but they only eat a fraction of the meat that people eat so there is no need for the torchers of factory farming to feed cats. and theres no reason omiverouse pets cant eat a vegie diet.

I  feed my cat veggies and porridge. It grows and feels good

I have two cats. I buy them canned food that contains meat. Humans are omnivorous, so eating plant food is enough for us to "survive". But cats and dogs are biologically met eaters. Just look at their teeth! As a medical student I say it with totally confidence, that from the physiology of cats and dogs don't consume amounts of plant food. I you have a cat or dog  you are able to notice their vomiting system. If it chewes some grass or other plant it will start vomiting i short time. Meat eaters need meat to survive! You can not force a biologically meat eater animal to be vegetarian. I will cause to health ptoblems!

My father's dog also likes watermelon and cookies, but this doesn't means that it's immunity is working well. I can get full with chips, but it's not good for me. 

My dog is vegan. 

I had rabbits but some folks brought me their dogs, I don't buy their meat, but one killed the rabbits. I would only have vegetarian animals but these dogs eat veggie leftovers with the dry dog food the owner provides. The problem is no animals are cooked in this house so they have no treats like a steak, etc that a meat eating house would have

Yes. Here's what happened when I tried to make my cat vegan: Should Cats Be Vegan?


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