Maybe I am going to be a stewardess, I am confused about my future there and about my happiness although I really would like to have the job like this. Unfortunately I will have to speak to people for example like this: What would you like to have? Lamb or chicken?

I had a thought. What if I would live in society where black people would be slaves. Would I say: What would you like to buy: child or adult? 

What do you think? Do you have similar experience?

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:) yes it is nice but it is not enough for me. I came to Tunisia for interview and I am not going :) I feel I have to do things I am ok with. Maybe it will be harder in my life but I am excited about it. Thank you very much though. I think it is better to recommend vegetarian/ vegan at least. 

Sometimes it's so difficult to give up on dream jobs when personal ethics had to be compromised. Most certainly for international flights you will be faced with serving meals, but with the current state of domestic flights, especially in the United States, there are no meals served. Passengers purchase their own food and take it on the plane. There are very few instances I saw passengers purchase in-flight meals because of the price and quality. Maybe you can try to be an air hostess for domestic flights instead. I know that for pilots, there are different types so it might be the same for air hostess.

As for personal experience, I had to turn away from lucrative positions because of my personal belief isn't quite compatible with the companies' products. Did I miss great opportunities? Sure, but I like to live in peace with myself instead of having my conscious constantly bugging me.

yeah I agree, I want to live in peace with myself too ! We can't give up! It is not dream job if it is not whole ok with us.

Yes I do have ! 

Is like you are supporting the meat factory indirectly although that you claim you are against with them... 

Sometimes I do feel like I am a betrayer.. cause I really wish to stop the farm factory and the slaughter house. 

So don't betray yourself! There are always some opportunities for us.

Hahaha, I live in a very small island... the opportunity is very limited out there.. unless I created one.. or somehow ideal work like wwf or veg society set up a center there... 

No experience.... :)

In the law of karma which is as you sow so shall you reap. One who slaughters, one who cooks, one who serves, one who transports and one who eats are all but one and the same offense. So, when you serve in your work meat makes you liable. Better be safe than sorry. 

Sorry I have found your response just now. You cannot change your family but you just can't cook for them meat if you are not ok with that. And I am not because I can't do for them sth I don't agree with and I don't think it is good for them. 

yeah it is great :) sometimes it can't be fast decision and it is very good to be on the way.


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