Hey guys. I have an eating disorder, and I know I eat very little but I can't help it. Sometimes, I get all shaky and stuff so I decide to have like a 'cheat day'. I feel very bad afterwards but I still do it.

But the thing is, I eat vegan BUT on those cheat days I always get like Ben & Jerry's and/or chocolate...I know there is vegan chocolate but there is no vegan ben & jerry's!? :( I really love Ben & Jerry's and I was wondering if any of you love it too, and have any ideas for something like that? 

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yeah but I don't really like ice cream haha, but I like ben & jerry's because there is almost more brownies and cookies in it than there is ice cream haha! 

I don't think being honest to a fault is an eating disorder. The forbidden fruit tempts the taste buds more than any other edible offering. And it takes plenty of resolve to resist Chunky Monkey. 

If you have a blender, blend frozen bananas with a bit of nut milk. Mix in chocolate, cookies, etc. and you've got delicious ice cream.

I'm allergic to an ingredient in Ben and Jerry's, but So Delicious coconut cookies and cream ice cream is awesome. Cookie chunks and delicious, fluffy (maybe because of my bad freezer) ice cream. I've also seen a method online for using a freezer, blender, and nut milks to make ice cream, just mixing it every now and then... may try that this weekend, actually. You could also get a sorbet. I got a coconut sorbet a couple weeks ago, and it was so much like ice cream. Stuck some chunks of a homemade carob bar in it and it was delicious.

Aw :( I am so sorry to hear about you having an eating disorder... I don't think you really need to find a vegan ben & jerry's, I mean, you have greater troubles to deal with at this time than the tiny amount of milk that is in that one ice cream you eat once in a while. It is no real big deal. After all, if you would accomplish to convince yourself (and I know you can do that!) that it isn't bad to eat a little bit more healthy food every day, and eat just a little bit more each day, you would not crave for that ben and jerry's and you would not need it anyway. I know you can do that. I believe in you. After all, you just want to eat more food even unconsciously, because you are now already anticipating on your next cheat day when you allow yourself to eat more food than is normal for you on a regular day. You just need to realize that, and that it is okay to eat a little more each day in stead of eating very little and having cheat days. After all, you are the one that is in control. You can decide this for yourself, I know you can. And besides that, you should not feel bad about your cheat days, because it is really natural to eat. Everyone does it. You should not feel bad about anything that you really want, because, it just is a part of you. I know that you are capable to change your eating pattern if you want, just give yourself time to think about what you really want.



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