so my friend who is vegetarian (10 years) pretty much vegan, eats a lot of organic, is sick/unwell, and a lot of health professionals (doctors, naturapaths & chinese medic) have said that she needs to eat meat to get better.

she has had blurred/static vision, very unstable sleeping (almost no sleep) shaking, no energy, confused. she has had neally every test she has had (CAT scan, blood ect) has come back normal. apprenty she has toxins built up in her system, and toxins such as heavy metals can't be disposed of by our bodes on a vegetarian diet..?

any thoughts as if you personally would eat meat if you have tried every other option ? why, why not ?

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Garlic, Spirulina, Chlorella, Olives, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, coconut water, green tea are highly detoxing and superfoods. If she can have these as much as possible, it could help her. Spirulina and Chlorella are algaes that remove heavy metals from the body and are very high in nearly all vitamins. You can get them from health food stores in tubs/pouches or from amazon. You only need a tablespoon or so a day. Really hope she begins to recover soon x

Didn't see lyme disease part until after I started typing so I guess I will pray for her too

Look around and you'll notice how doctors and medical industries have actually created more illnesses. They spontaneously care for their long term profits and status more than their patients.Vegans should have been alert of this simply by checking out Youtube to see how many conscientious doctors who have turned vegan and revealed the industrial conspiracies.

Chinese therapies work,  and acupuncture is the best among them. But unfortunately it is almost impossible to find a good one these days. Chinese philosophy is up side down from the Western. The more talented a practitioner who would excel by enthusiasm, the more he keeps himself low profile and away from commercialization. Therefore you can't find these freaky saints from the street. My very acute 3-years long chronic whiplash was easily heeled by a freaky acupuncturist who has the record to have heeled almost all sort of difficult diseases. And those you mentioned here are just too small matter to him. Weirdly he only charges a few dollars for the disposable needles.

Your friend's last resort would be coming to me in Malaysia instead of being stupefied and victimized by the doctors' wicked prejudice.

But, before letting anyone to poke you with needles, do these:first-

1) Surf the internet to learn some very basic acupuncture knowledge regarding the meridians and qigong-relation.

2) Read this very carefully and start practicing:

3) Watch this very carefully. Combine the internal exercises with the above:

4) Trust yourself and your body 100%. The most powerful works and all the so called miracles(nothing miraculous in fact) are generated from your highest consciousness which is so often being ignored. And selfless love, compassion and conscience are its access.Trust and let go, that's it.

The vegan Shaolin monks, who are the best fighters and the most unlikely to get sick, capable of performing feats beyond human limitation and enjoying longevity, know nothing about B12, Omega3, vitamin D and whatsoever. Why? Because beliefs create reality, worries and doubts create negative suggestions.that make bad things to happen, prejudicial and prideful intellect blind and fear to see other possibilities. Industrial and commercial collusion create fear and false intellect.

Video for YiJinJing.

The gist is to stretch the 12 major tendons that carry hundreds of acupuncture points with the least of or without using any strength at all. Because when strength comes, it will only exercise the muscles but not the tendons. Tendons are actually the springs that support and strengthen our bones like the car suspension system. When her tendons get stronger with this exercise, her lyme-pains will reduce and the joins will get rooms to heel itself.

Beside, the main purpose for this exercise is to reactivate all her inner organs by triggering the acupuncture points(reflection points placed within the 12 major tendons) connecting to every organ. Once her spleen and kidneys are revitalized and strengthened up along with the cooperation of other organs, she would have no problem to pass out any sort of toxins, including heavy metal(though this is unbelievable to the western knowledge). Simply remember that we have all sort of fluid and biochemicals to do so, it is just a matter of the power of our inner organs that run these biochemicals. And we have designed a perfect system to manipulate this.

Please feel free to come back and I'll do my best to find or interpret answers for questions.

Complete instructions along with videos for all 12 postures to exercise the 12 different tendons mentioned above::

Yes. It is definitely helpful to fight osteoporosis. Do the strength-less way (stretching without using any strength). Slower the actions to suit her condition because speed doesn't help much as we are aiming the tendons not muscles. Play along with your favorite relaxing music. Combining with your traditional mind practices would surely yield greater result. You must learn it yourself before teaching her And of course all exercises need some times and patience but the result is long-lasting and pleasing. Surf the internet to find some articles regarding estrogen derived from beans helps calcium-absorption.

For osteoporosis, read this: and find the exact locations below (circled and dotted in red).


Go along with hand reflexology locations below:                                                                                                                                  

Learn the correct way to do acupuncture points massage: Do it along with your best Ayurveda heating oil. For lower back pain, scratch the 2 vertical meridian lines on the back of the body up and down with you index or middle finger-joint or thumb joint to apply the strongest possible strength until the patient yell for pain! Must do it with oil to avoid peeling off skin! You've seen that some of the points should need your help.

For sole pain. Best to heat the points with cigarette. Rub with old ginger before and after followed by Ayurveda heating oil. Needling is still the best way to instantly stop acute pains but don't simply do it yourself. It needs training!

You're welcome:)


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