So when you all became a vegetarian, how did you do it?  Did you slowly cut out meat, or just cold turkey?  And also did you encounter falling off the wagon and eating meat before you fully became vegetarian?  i ask because I went cold turkey, and sadly yesterday I gave in and had a chicken leg :(  I actually feel sick, physically sick, and really upset.  So please, tell me Im not alone that this has happened to.  I really want to stay vegetarian, and I guess going cold turkey was not the way to do it.

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I went through the various phases. Initially I went pescetarian (only eating fish as meat); did that for a week or two, then became lacto/ovo veggie, ovo veggie, and then finally vegan. 

Everyone is different. I am sorry you gave in, but do not get too down on yourself. Just take this as a lesson to move forward :) Diet (any kind of lifestyle change) is about small, permanent steps. I commend you on your efforts :) You should feel very proud you made such a step already- because trying as you did is already a step forward. Maybe start out with a schedule week to week of things you are going to eliminate forever. At the same time, find replacements which will ease your transition. Bocca chicken is pretty good, go pick some up :) It will help eliminate your cravings for actual meat.

Good luck!

Thanks!  Yeah I actually eat Morning Star stuff.  But I really needed to hear that :)

No problem xo That's what we're here for! Keep us updated.

Will do!  Good thing, I did NOT fall off today!  :)

Congrats :) That is wonderful to hear!!! <3


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