So many people want more.... the question is, is it possible? 

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it is not. case closed.

emoticons can always be added to a forum.  it happens all the time.  let's talk to the programmer.  I already sent a message to Xiao about it and he said he is working on improvements.  he probably has another friend or someone doing the programming and it always takes a bunch of time to get the programmer in to do little stuff.

I just use font.

>_> <_< >w< >_< ^_^ n.n O.o -_- O_< 

are those fonts?  they look like symbols ???

is there a special language with these?  I saw this once...<_> in  chat and didn't know what it meant. or maybe it was >_< .  is it a face or does it means something?

with love, anything's possible.

sounds fuuun! :)


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