Energy Plant in Oregon Burning Aborted Babies From Canada to Generate Electricity.

I wonder if abortion advocates back in the Roe vs. Wade days ever foreseen this happening in the U.S.? Is eriely like the holocaust. We don't want them so we'll murder them and burn them up. It's safe to say, true evil walks among us.

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The sickest thing ever, by far--if it's true.

This is the latest on this issue from just yesterday. I'm with you and just sick about it.

What in the world... 

well, an important question might be whether or not all the vegans on this site who support so called, "women's rights to pro choice" would be okay with this. maybe we need to post that up in those forum discussions?

it seems like the need for energy is going to also encourage people to abort. interesting relation.

I read about this also, it's awful. I use to believe animals were our equals, I now know they're far superior to us if we could do this. 

plenty of animals do horrible things, like eat their own babies, raw. that is a bit more gross than what any human does.

not that it is really part of the topic, but since you mentioned it...I don't know why there is so much need to see animals and equals or superior to us, just because humans do destructive things.

basically, there are intellectual and moral differences between animals and humans. morality depends on intellect, and humans are by far more intelligent than animals. and that intelligence is so great that it also enables us to do immoral things which animals cannot conceive of. they do harmful things based on instinct, not pre-meditated like humans.

as far as animals being equal, if you took away all of the technology and buildings etc that humans create, then we would have a primitive society which would still be able to be vegetarian and refrain from killing animals for food. plenty of ancient societies have proved that, but there are some carnivorous animals that just must have blood and would kill us to get it. so, humans have adapted to this and fought back...not the other way around.

animals don't eat meat because they want to protect against humans. humans eat animals instinctively because they see animals killing left and right and are afraid and want to protect and survive. but they don't need to...while animals mostly do, except those who are made to be veggie.


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